#706 Black shoots two whites (Stella Maxwell and Michael Whittaker) UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED

Stella Maxwell is on fire. She’s been in New Zealand less than two weeks and if I’m not mistaken, has shot on all but one of those days. Michael’s been back for a little longer and hasn’t been doing too badly himself (though life is always going to be tougher for a male model). Black Magazine shot them in a boy/girl editorial for its upcoming eleventh issue yesterday in Auckland, and Grant Fell was on hand to capture some behind-the-scenes shots for BlackLOG. Yeap, it looks hot, and there’s even been some talk of one of those kissing photos I’m so obsessed with recently.


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  1. says

    Aww thanks Isaac…blog love! No worries, closer to the release of Issue 11 I will fire you through some preview pics…keep up the good work on Isaac Likes. Grant

  2. K says

    Omg I just saw the clip that goes with those pics. Now THAT is super hot! To the point where I almost feel guilty for watching it..That Michel Whittaker is raunchy as.

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