#708 Jasper Seven hits The Gap

All Images /Gap Japan via Excellent Male Model

There’s something in that Seven family blood. First you’ve got Zippora, often referred to as New Zealand’s answer to Kate Moss, then there’s Jasper, the older brother, who’s kept it pretty quiet of late, mostly working in Europe and Japan. But I’ve even heard rumours of Cisco – a much younger brother who looks like he could get in on the action once he’s of age. Anyway, I don’t often post about Jasper, but I was doing my daily blog trawl last night and I found the new S/S 2010 Japanese Gap lookbook. I scanned through photo after photo until I came across this one above. Yes it’s just one shot in a lookbook, but it’s still a Gap lookbook, and he’s joined by some pretty big names, including former models.com top 50 ranker Shaun Haugh. Not bad work Jasper, not bad at all. I’ve heard word that he’ll be back in town for September’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week, I’ll confirm or deny closer to the time.

Now, if only Hallensteins would take a leaf out of Gap’s book and shoot some cool young guys for their lookbooks (and maybe get some design inspiration too) we’d all be much happier I’m sure.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Considering there is not much male talent on offer in NZ at the moment, I would say Hallensteins has done pretty well.

  2. says

    If you look at all the commercial brands internationally, they still manage to use edgy or skinny boys in their campaigns, but here the commercial brands (Hallensteins, Farmers etc) only ever use big jock looking guys.

    I just think they should branch out a bit!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hallensteins, Farmers and the like aren’t trying aren’t to sell hipsters. Also, the vast majority normal healthy men look more like jocks than they do like pale, skinny, androgynous boys. This might surprise you, Isaac… The majority of men, no matter how fashionable, find “Heroin Chic” quite repulsive to look at. And, they can’t relate to it at all nor do they aspire to adopt the look.

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