#713 500 Days of Summer Music Video

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You know I love my dance clips – anything with a bit of pizazz and spectacle is a-ok in my books. I just saw this one over at Katherine is Awesome and had to repost it. Picture this – Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a campy 60s jaunt around a gloomy establishment bank. He’s wearing the sharpest black suit with Ray-Bans, she’s in a total Miuccia Prada get up, and they’re just twirling like they’ve got no cares in the world. I’m not quite sure what the dancing has to do with the bank robbery, but I guess it must all be explained in the full length movie – 500 Days of Summer. You know how girls always go crazy over Zooey Deschanel? My mates Natalie and Zoe over at So Much To Tell You seem to blog about her at least once a week (and my friend Anna just named her dog after her), well I reckon that Joseph Gordon Levitt could be her male equivalent. He always chooses good films, he’s serious and moody without taking himself too seriously, and you can chuck the simplest clothes on him and he always looks like one of those iconic stars.

I just looked at the trailer and I’m pretty sure this is going to be my new favourite movie of all time. Watch and see!


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  1. says

    Ok so this video that opens itself up everytime you refresh the page could get extreeeeeeemely annoying, so I’ll try find a Youtube clip for it or put it after the jump.

  2. says

    BTW this is Zooey’s adorable folk pop band She+Him. Sadly this was there only hit, so far, but this is a WAY better video than the original xxxs

  3. k says

    ‘Why do you let me stay here?’ is the only single but don’t let that put you off, the album is really good.

  4. lola says

    god thats about the 10th time iv watched the trailer. it looks sooo good!! when is it coming to NZ?? soon im hoping??

  5. Anonymous says

    Awesome thanks for posting this Issac, I love Zooey, She & Him are great- the album is worth getting!! I can’t wait to see this film! :)

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