#714 Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List of 2009

Italian playboy Lapo Elkann – All Images /Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair‘s Best Dressed List of 2009 has just been released, and it reads like a who’s who of the world’s rich, famous and powerful. From politics we have Barack Obama (despite the jeans debacle), Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy; celebrities include Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig (aka the Tom Ford-brigade), Renee Zellweger, Catherine Deneuve and morning TV host Kelly Ripa (if you can call her a celebrity); artists include Cy Twombly and Ike Ude (two of the more interestingly dressed people on the list); and from the fashion industry, Matteo Marzotto (former president of Valentino), photographer Bruce Weber, model Natalia Vodianova, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani, and my personal favourite, Italian billionaire Lapo Elkann – that guy wears the most massive lapels of all time and always pulls it off.

In my opinion they’ve forgotten the most excitingly well dressed man of 2009, and that’s Mark Ronson (yes, brother of Samantha). Every time I see one of his outfits I want to run out and copy every single aspect of it. The crazy coloured suits, the skinny ties, the mismatched pants, he’s like the ultimate 60s nerd. What were they thinking??

Renee Zellweger

Natalia Vodianova with husband Justin Portman

United States’ First Lady Michelle Obama

Former president of Valentino Matteo Marzotto

Morning TV host Kelly Ripa

Artist Ike Ude

Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani

James Bond slash Tom Ford afficianado Daniel Craig

Artist Cy Twombly

French film actress (and confidante of Yves Saint Laurent) Catherine Deneuve

French First Lady (and former model/singer) Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Fashion photographer Bruce Weber

Tom Ford fan Brad Pitt

President of the United States (and the bad jeans club) Barack Obama

Anne Hathaway

Alicia Keys


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  1. says

    Man I don’t wanna be too much of a downer, but I reckon that is a pretty piss poor list right there. Kelly Ripa??!

  2. says

    Yeah I looked at the whole thing, it’s basically just a list of cheesy fucken red carpet celebrities. Not even a little bit interesting. It looks way out of date I reckon, liek I’m surprised they didn’t put like Humphrey Bogart on there or something. Oooohhh ZING, take that Vanity Fair!

  3. says

    There’s heaps of rad people man. That chick Lissy Trullie dresses like a babe, super tight jeans with studded high heel Louboutin boots and Alexander Wang jackets and shit.

  4. says

    No way. Seriously? I mean, they’re all beautiful and fine people but erhm…I wouldn’t consider them ‘fashion icon’ type of people. I highly agree with you. Where is Gaga! Where is Kanye! Unacceptable.

    And I’m sorry but I really don’t think the first lady OR Obama should be on here at all. They really aren’t special like at all in the fashion world to me. I still don’t think that Michelle should of been on whatever cover she was on. It just expensive dresses and suits — where is the creativity and thought behind all of that? Their is none because they probably do not dress themselves. Argh. I could go on but I don’t want to seem like a hater.

    Awesome blog by the way :)

  5. says

    Agree with isaac,I’ve loved lapo’s style ever since I saw him on the social pages dating his cousin(don’t know if they are blood-related) ,one of the Brandolini girls.
    Apparently he wears a lot of his dad and grand dad’s clothes.

  6. says

    Sheesh. Only a couple of these people are good. The rest are pretty average.
    I agree: WHERE IS GAGA?! She is walking artwork. Its amaze.
    Most of the people on the list seem to be ‘play it safe’ kinda dresses. I don’t know.. thats just what I think! I guess Vanity Fairs opinion is different to mine..

  7. Anonymous says

    Grr this makes me angry. I would’ve like to see Brandon Flowers on the list. I love his feather jacket even though it’s been mocked so much! Also love a bit o’ Alexa Chung. She never puts a foot wrong. Maybe she’s too much of a “play it safe” type though.

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