#715 Backstage at Moschino with Michael Whittaker

Ash Stymest and Michael Whittaker /Twitpic

I flew into Milan at about 6:45am on day two of the menswear shows in June after close to 30 hours of travel. Once I’d gotten through customs, caught a train into the central city and taken a street car to my hotel, it must have been about 8:30am. The Bottega Veneta show was starting at 9am – Michael Whittaker’s first of the week. I hadn’t seen the guy in six months and I promised him I’d make it but when push came to shove I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the hotel without first taking a shower. I did however get to see Michael in action at Moschino. I tried to push through to backstage but the security guard wasn’t having a bar of it, so I began a ten minute long conversation with the PR Agent about how I was writing for a New Zealand newspaper and there was a New Zealand model backstage and I absolutely had to get a photograph of him back there… or else. She wasn’t keen but after an eternity of cajoling she allowed me to be escorted backstage by the security guard for one photograph, then escorted straight back out again. This is the one I got – as soon as my Blackberry was raised, Ash grabbed Michael and laid one on his cheek while Michael made a very rude hand gesture. But how good is that guy in the background pulling a face?

Anywho, my friend Lilly just sent me the link to Fashion TV‘s backstage video at Moschino which features quite a lot of our friend Michael. See it for yourself below.


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