#719 Kiwi photog and ex model, Henry Hargreaves, shoots Top Man F/W preview

All Images /John Tan Casting

Am I the only person in the world who’s never heard of Henry Hargreaves? I’ve done a little research and according to one interview I found, he was one of the biggest male models of 2002/2003, shooting Prada, Jil Sander, YSL, Kenzo and Lacoste campaigns, oh, and he’s from New Zealand. Now he’s a photographer based in Williamsburg, and he’s just shown up on my radar thanks to my new favourite tipster Lilly. A Top Man F/W 2009 preview test he did recently has just gone up on the John Tan Casting blog (the one where I found the nearly-nude Aiden Andrews ed). So…? Can anybody shed any light on Henry Hargreaves?

MODELS: Asa Fox, Stephen David Feltner, Jan Vlas, Luke Lysdahl, Brady Donnelly, Zachary Kinsella, Ryan Thomson
IMAGES: Henry Hargreaves
GROOMING: Yinna Wang for Badass hair


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  1. says

    Isaac, he’s from ChCh. My photography teacher from high school is his aunt, she used to bring in all his runway shots to class which we would all pawn over. Him and the clothes!!

  2. says

    He’s a really nice guy. Friend of a good friend of mine and have met him a couple of times at various gatherings. We did a story on him in Pavement when I was there, so about a million years ago 😉

    … no, I think maybe around 2003?

  3. says

    I asked mum, and he was scouted on his OE. His mum featured in last weeks Sunday in the “home” feature and there was a gorgeous black&white photo of him on her wall.

  4. Anonymous says

    yeah, Henry got picked up by a scout while he was in either Japan or Thailand, got shot for a Nike ad. Was then seen by someone in the industry, picked up straight away and did all the big houses for a couple of years. He’s from chch, I use to work with him, he’s prob just turned 30th… went to College, studied photography at Art School, did fashion for years and still lives in NY. Mr Calvin Klein tried to get in his pants but then guess he tries that with all the boys…. He is a super nice fella. From memory was the face of Jill S for a bit, also used in some of the black and white Yves SL ads…. thats me done

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