#729 +J – Jil Sander for Uniqlo UDPATED

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Jil Sander = German designer famous for her minimalist clothing (in particular her women’s pantsuits in the 80s). Jil Sander the company was bought out by Prada in 1999, Sander quit in 2000 over arguments with Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli to use cheaper fabrics, rejoined in 2003, then quit for good in 2004 – leaving the world of fashion until now. This Spring 2006 collection, put out by the company just after her final departure – and based on her signature pieces – is one of my top ten favourites of all time. It just hasn’t been the same for me since Raf Simons took over, but his latest collection for the brand is my favourite of his to date.

Uniqlo = Japan’s answer to H&M, but slightly cooler, slightly better made and with way better fabrications – merino, cashmere etc.

+J = Halle-fricken-llujah! Jil Sander’s ongoing collaboration with Uniqlo, announced in March 2009. It’s probably the most exciting fast fashion collab I’ve ever heard of, particularly since it’s huge – 100 pieces for women and 40 pieces for men per season, oh and the real kicker – no piece will cost over $200 USD.

The first few pieces have been released, I’m obsessed with the beige pants and the Black Watch tartan shirt (above), and the grey suit (below). The collection will go on sale this Fall (sometime around September).

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    I don’t think it looks like Gubb and Mackie either – but I can see what the Anon is saying – because G+M did do a Black Watch check shirt and beige pants. But that’s as far as it goes.

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