#733 (Maroon) Suits you sir

I must admit I was a tad nervous after posting this blog about Murray Crane last week. Sure, he’d started the ball rolling with his Help Wanted ad, but you never know how people are going to react when you tell it like it is. I emailed him the blog, and didn’t hear anything back for two days. Finally, on the third day, I received a one liner from him. Six words long. It read: I’ll make you a maroon suit. If that sounds completely out of context, rest assured it’s not. I’d blogged about maroon suits here and here last week, and I’m pretty much obsessed with them right now. So I went in on Monday to choose the fabric (see below), then I had my first fitting yesterday. It’s going to be a short, three button roll-lapel jacket, with pleated, tapered, cuffed and cropped pants. Just what I always wanted. I’ll post progress reports as it happens.


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  1. Mace says

    F*ck Lanvin. A Crane maroon suit will be incredible. What buttons? Some kind of tortoise shell or buffalo horn I reckon. What lining?

  2. says

    I kicked this little kid in the nuts once and he totally gave me all the money he had.. Lesson here folks, violence, intimidation and psychological bullying are great tools for getting what you want.

  3. Mace says

    Sure am. You can wear it for camouflage when you’re hiding amongst maraes and early settlers’ houses.

    I should have made you a matching maroon Killing Tones shirt… Oh well, I’m sure Mr. Crane will be able to whip up something suitable.

  4. Anonymous says

    I feel like a schmuck, but I’m feelin’ a little inspired by your bravery. Can’t really say the same about the maroon though…

  5. Sandy says

    I love your job, Isaac. From free mobile phones to free suits, you should write a book detailing how to get freebies by being a blogger!

  6. Leonie says

    Yay you! I love when people get what they want, and we know how you’ve been lusting after the maroon, Isaac!

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