#742 It’s my jam by Jordan Rondel – Uniform dressing

I don’t know what’s happened but suddenly Isaac and I seem to be dressing the same. We met up for tea two weeks ago both wearing beige trench coats and then on Friday we were both wearing beige pants. Yikes, have I adopted his uniform? Anyway, I got these awesome beige pants from Country Road for a very reasonable price. They’re a size too big but I kinda like them baggy and it doesn’t matter too much because of the tie around the waist. They look great with a stripy top or a tight jumper and are just so easy to wear no matter what the season.

The trench coat is from New York. I love the length of it as well as the colour and light weight fabric, which make it the perfect coat rain or shine.


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  1. says

    good call Jordan! this looks great, pose number 3 is rather strange though…
    Country road is such an untapped resource, I am quite excited about there summer lookbook, I still always find the menswear could be a bit slimmer but at those prices I’ll it and have it altered…

  2. Anonymous says

    love you glasses and necklace! have been trying to find both like these for ages! can i ask where they’re from too? :)

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