#747 Michael Whittaker – hair apparent

Image /men.style.com

This photo of Michael Whittaker has just show up on men.style.com’s seasonal trend report for Fall, entitled Protection Racket. The text alongside it reads: “A season ago, Tim Hamilton was showing looks that were downright boyish. His new direction? Militarily precise, from the spit-shined boots to the boot camp-issue buzz cut.” I hate to be a hair-nerd, but I’m going to have to disagree with men.style.com on that last point.

The haircut in question initially showed up on the catwalk at Givenchy‘s show in Paris on 23 January, then some three weeks later at the Tim Hamilton presentation on 15 February in New York. A quick scan through the collection reveals two things of interest. First, maroon suits. Second, only one of the 24 looks has that buzz cut – and it’s on the head of our mate Michael Whittaker. But here’s the ticker. I saw Michael in London one week before Paris Fashion Week – and the Givenchy show – rocking that haircut. As you can see, he also had it several weeks earlier when he shot this rather homo-erotic editorial entitled Boy Wonder for Culture Magazine.

Call me crazy, but I think Michael may have been the inspiration behind Givenchy’s Fall hairdos – as far as I can see he was the first with the haircut.

What. It’s been a slow day.


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  1. SM says

    Trend reports are ridiculous. They pick a theme and then choose sometimes very irregular pieces from a collection to “prove” the emergence of a so-called trend.

    Still, I like this look. Especially because in that collection Michael and this look upon him stand out.

    Kudos to a classic designer who uses a progressive sutble edge with a look and a model rather than the overt “edginess” of Rick Owens and friends.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh its a haircut! Army nuts have always done it and black kids in the 70’s were doing it now its apparently new, because a white kid from NZ and Givenchy does it. Give me a break!

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey Isaac, is it true michael and georgia fowler have recently shot an editorial together? I want to see photos! Any more updates on Georgia.. Havn’t seen any new editorials from her in a while..

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