#750 Zambesi Spring/Summer 2010 – a feeling of loss

Zambesi were kind enough to send me a preview look at their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign with models Vinnie Woolston and Alina Levichkina. Shot inside a house (possibly the Findlay’s family home), the black and white campaign is all about a mood of… sadness? loss? deep thought? summery brooding? Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure – it’s all about Vinnie Woolston. Woolston has been menswear designer Dayne Johnston’s muse for years – this is his fifth campaign for the brand. It was also the last job Woolston shot before leaving to model in Europe fulltime in July. Maybe then the feeling of sadness in the campaign is literal – Zambesi mourning the loss of their most prolific campaign model and muse.

Photos: Marissa Findlay
Assistant: Maxy
Make up: Amber D at Mac
Hair: Ryder Salon and Diana Moar


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  1. Anonymous says

    Vinnie is a great model … good luck to him overseas.! beautiful pics, not in love with the girl though, but the photography is ace

  2. Anonymous says

    Vinnie is a good looking lad but the same expression in every single shot is getting real monotonous. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

    Great pics just bored of an expressionless face.

  3. Anonymous says

    boring pictures, even with vinnie w in it, this campaign is pretty lame for zambesi, bit disappointed, last years were better

  4. Anonymous says

    yeah why the long faces, i know its the recession but shouldn’t fashion be a way of cheering ourselves up?

  5. Leonie says

    Vinnie has a bagfull of moods up his sleeve. No doubt he was delivering what the client required. Anyway, I just want to wrap him up and take him home, as usual.
    How does Anonymous 12.38 know he’ll be back at the end of the year? I LOVE VINNIE! 😉

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