#751 ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ article on uniform dressing in Viva today! UPDATED

Fashion writer and fellow blogger Zoe Walker interviewed me for Viva last week about how I wear the same thing – or a variation of the same thing – every day of the week… Little Brother beige pants, beige socks, navy Chucks, sweaters and a Gap shirt. You might notice in the photo above that I’m wearing grey pants today. I started getting a little worried that my beige pants were going to die on me, so I took them back to Murray Crane and asked him to make me another couple of pairs. That way I might even be able to start washing them sometimes. If you look really closely you might also notice that the beige pants in the article’s photo aren’t actually my Little Brother pants. They’re my massive pleated Ralph Lauren pants that approximately 52% of you hated and 48% of you liked. The day that photo was taken was the first time I ever wore them out in public (basically the one day of the year I was unfaithful to my uniform-dressing ways).

“Probably two times a week I’ll wear different pants and go to walk out the door and just be like ‘nah, I’ve got to put my beige pants back on’.”

“I guess in a way what I wear was a reaction to the grunge thing that everyone was doing, because I’m really not into that style. I wanted to wear stuff that was really clean and really tailored, preppy kind of, and geeky.”

Thanks Zoe, and thanks Viva!


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  1. Anonymous says

    when can i read some interesting posts?
    besides the ones that you are ripping off everyday from many better other bloggers .
    anyone can cut and paste,right?
    get over yourself isaac and your beige pants,
    only the fact of your so annoying and arrogant personality bring the readership of your blog.

  2. Kate says

    nice insight from the comment above. isaac just a question of interest… What do you bring to the blogging world?

  3. Anonymous says

    um hi people – its isaacs blog! he can do what the fuck he wants! you don’t like it, don’t read it!!!

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