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I’ve just returned from the travel agent and there’s no backing out now – I’m going to New York. On Wednesday the 2nd of September, 12 days from now, I’ll be flying out from Auckland, via San Francisco and arriving at JFK at 12:45am on the third. I’m there for NY Fashion Week, which will include a show by New Zealand’s Karen Walker, and I’ll be covering it all in the same way that I did the European shows last month – by Twitpic, on Isaac Likes and on the NZ Herald website. On the 18th of September I fly back for NZ Fashion Week, then if budget permits (which I would assume it probably won’t), I’ll leave the day after NZ Fashion Week for Milan and then Paris. That’s the dream, but unless some wealthy benefactor comes along and throws a whole pile of cash at me before then, it probably won’t turn into a reality. Here’s hoping! Oh, and does anybody have any suggestions for where I should stay?


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  1. Anonymous says

    Since you’ll be writing for the NZ Herald, will they not give you ‘a(or half a) pile of cash’ for Milan & Paris?

  2. Anonymous says

    isaac, chelsea hotel is like 400 a night…i would recommend the jane hotel. extremely small rooms (think ship cabin) with shared bathrooms, but only 79 a night and has one of the coolest bars in the city. seriously.


  3. Sam says

    It shouldn’t matter what nationality they are, or whether to is a fair representation of the NZ population, it is about who looks good and will look good in the clothes and represent the brand.

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