#761 Provisional NZ Fashion Week Shedule

I managed to get my hands on the Provisional NZ Fashion Week Schedule at the Fashion Week model casting on Saturday. It’s a draft version only, but it’ll still give us an idea of who’s showing when – and where. There are some similarities to previous years – Cybele is opening the week, Huffer is closing, but also some differences – Zambesi is the final show on day one (they traditionally show on the night of the day three of day four), and Nom*D are showing on the morning of day two (first time they’ve done a morning show to my knowledge, they usually show on the evening of day one or two). There are six offsite shows, all from the usual protagonists – Zambesi, Nom*D, Kate Sylvester, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Karen Walker and Huffer.

DAY ONE: Tuesday 22 September

11.00 Cybele – Westpac Tent
12.30 Sable & Minx – Shed One (Contemporary Salon Show)
13.30 twentysevennames and Juliette Hogan – Westpac Tent (Shared Show 500)
15.00 Basquesse – Westpac Tent (Group)
17.00 Annah Stretton – Westpac Tent
18.00 Alexandra Owen – Shed One
19.00 Diet Coca-Cola Little Black Dress Show – Westpac Tent
20.00 Zambesi – Offsite

DAY TWO: Wednesday 23 September

10.00 Nom*D – Offsite
11.30 Sera Lilly – Shed One
13.00 Andrea Moore – Shed One
14.30 The Carpenter’s Daughter – Westpac Tent
16.30 Salasai – Shed One
18.00 Trelise Cooper – Westpac Tent (First show)
19.30 Trelise Cooper – Westpac Tent (Second show)
20.00 Kate Sylvester – Offsite

DAY THREE: Thursday 24 September

11.30 United Constructions – Shed One (Group)
13.00 MiroModa Group – Westpac Tent
15.00 Barbara Lee, Starfish and Mild Red – Westpac Tent (Group)
17.00 ghd New Generation Group (Chapel, Emmaford, House of EZIS, Isbim, Tara Cunniffe, Serena Fagence, Trix & Dandy, Whiri) – Westpac Tent
18.30 Adrian Hailwood – Shed One
20.00 Stolen Girlfriends Club – Offsite

DAY FOUR: Friday 25 September

11.00 Unspecified first show – Shed One
13.00 Michelle Yvette – Shed One (Contemporary Salon Show)
14.30 Trelise Kids – Westpac Tent
15.30 Federation – Shed One
17.00 A*Muse – Westpac Tent
18.30 Karen Walker – Offsite (Stephen Marr Newmarket)
20.00 Huffer – Offsite


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  1. allie says

    yeah i was surprised to see federation on the list too. isaac can you shed any light about their status? are they still doing their for good range? or is that long gone and i’m just incredibly slow on the uptake?

  2. Sam says

    Supposedly there were 5 more NZ designers to announce, and 5 Australians, or so it said when the list of designers came out a few weeks ago. Any idea who these are?

  3. Anonymous says

    I think the Aussies are the LBD show dresses, which were at RAFW and SFF last week. As far as I know Sass & Bide, Kirrily J and Romance Was Born are on the list? All funded by Coke.

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