#762 Shot of the day – My grey pants

Like I said last week, my beige pants are back with Murray Crane at the moment – he’s making me another couple of pairs with pleats added. I’ve been wearing these grey pants ever since. I bought them from Top Man in Dublin in January but never really wore them because they were a bit too full in the leg for my liking. I took them to the tailors two weeks ago and asked them to taper, crop and cuff them. They came back perfect. They’re exactly the same as my Burnside High School uniform pants – now all I need is a white shirt, bottle green vee neck and Rugged Sharks (the socks were beige back then too). This was the closest I could get to my school uniform with the resources at hand.


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  1. says

    I found perfect grey pleated pants on the weekend at Karen Walker (have laybyed) but had to go to all 3 stores in Auckland to find my size!! Dedication.

    Ps Rugged Sharks were amazing.

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