#766 Clement Chabernaud in shades of beige

All Images /The Fashionisto

It would seem that I’m not alone in the promulgation of uniform dressing (or beige pants). The latest issue of Details has this nine page Clement Chabernaud editorial based solely around the Pantone colour Camel. I can honestly say it’s the best damn editorial I’ve seen in such a long time. I’m big on product rather than process – something that looks great rather than something that comes from an artistic place or a mood. Don’t get me wrong, I love creativity, but I want to look at fashion that is aspirational and inspiring at the same time. This editorial is both for me – I want to wear every outfit. It’s funny, I used to hate beige. It was my least favourite colour in clothing. Now I can’t get enough of it. And I’ve always loved the idea of building an entire wardrobe around one colour. Uniform dressing people – need I say more?


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