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There’s nothing I love more than some ballsy expansion in the face of worldwide economic turmoil. So I take off my hat to Karen Walker, Stephen Marr and Dan Gosling for banding together to create something quite unconventionally traditional – a department store. It’s the first one to be established here in Auckland for 100 years and I must say it all sounds very exciting. Besides some retail movers and shakers in Ponsonby and Newmarket, Auckland’s been a bit dead of late – so thank the lord that a few people are making some moves!

Based on the concept of high end department stores like Collette in Paris and 10 Corso Como in Milan, The Department Store will house a selection of fashion – Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Ksubi, Surface to Air; beauty – Stephen Marr, Lucy and the Powder Room and The Marr Lab (a new beauty store focussing on toxic-free products including Lucy Marr’s new skincare brand SANS); rotating art exhibitions – the first from Michael Lett Gallery (Michael Parekowhai, Derek Henderson et al); interiors – Simon James Design; and frequent pop up stores – the first of which will be my favourite store in all of New Zealand, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Did I mention it’s in Takapuna? – but about 100 metres off the beaten track. There’s no denying The Shore could do with something a bit fresh. And it’s all designed by Katie Lockhart. Well that was a whole bunch of information for your Tuesday. Last but not least, The Department Store will officially open on 16 October 2009. I’ll be there.


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  1. Anonymous says

    The idea is good but a pity about the brand selection. Stolen Girlfriends Club, Ksubi and Surface to Air…..yawn.

  2. Anonymous says

    I heard John Key was opening it – boo hoo he’s so boring! Other than that it does sound super great!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Can I please have more information about Lucy Marr’s new skincare brand SANS, I could not find anything online or on The Powder Room website about it. ta heaps

  4. Anonymous says

    Can I please have more information about Lucy Marr’s new skincare brand SANS, I could not find anything online or on The Powder Room website about it. ta heaps

  5. says

    From the lips of the press release:

    “The Department Store’s ground floor retail environment will also be home to STEPHEN MARR’s conceptual beauty retail concept: THE MARR LAB. The Marr Lab will promote clean, non-toxic, active skin care in a spacious environment, curated by LUCY VINCENT-MARR. Appealing to ‘the new beauty tribe’, The Lab harks back to the days of the town corner store, with its expert advice and a fine selection of hand-picked products.

    The Marr Lab will premier at THE DEPARTMENT STORE and will also act as a launch pad for Vincent-Marr’s sensational new skin care product, SANS.”

  6. Anonymous says

    yeah the selection is a bit predictable… YAWN!
    same clicky labels, same clicky designers, maybe they should offer something “different” if they’re looking to do something different, that’s what the likes of colette, opening ceremony, dover st etc are known for, big selection+picking up on new edgy labels alongside more established ones, if that’s that they’re trying to replicate. why drive all the way over there when we can get these labels on our doorstep. also you want to give city people an incentive to drive over there by offering MORE of a selection.

  7. says

    Yawn is right! it all seems a bit of a hit and miss situation, not to mention by the looks the so called almost rich and powerful of auckland are trying a bit too hard…….. when in reality they all still have to band together to make it work….. it just shows how weak the whole project is…….. they are trying to trying to produce something Auckland doesn’t have the money to sustain.

  8. Anonymous says

    I think it’s a fabulous idea and good on them for A. the idea, and B. the motivation and determination to make it happen!

    Cant wait…they have my full support.

    And cant wait to get my hands on the new SANS beauty label!…made from 100% certified organic ingredients and sustainably harvested!!!

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