#768 Letterman to Wintour: “Have you ever put anybody in a headlock?”

Screengrab /CBS

Just saw over at Frockwriter that the Anna Wintour/David Letterman interview is playing on CBS in about 30 minutes. I love how bold his questions are. Can you imagine a fashion writer interviewing Anna Wintour and talking about things like this? Here are some of my favourite Letterman quotes from the short clip (which you can see here).

On Anna Wintour the figure vs Vogue Magazine:
“You are transcendent. You are bigger than what you do for a living.”

On The Devil Wears Prada:
“You, good luck, were the devil in the title.”

On perception:
“A lot of people think she’s tough, look out, she’ll chew you up, spit you up and fire you then chew you up and spit you into a cab. There must be some truth to that or we wouldn’t have that impression.”

And finally, my favourite:
“Have you ever put anybody in a headlock?”

Can’t wait to see the full thing!!


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  1. says

    she was pretty adorable. letterman is an old spastic but man, he is good for late night entertainment.
    oh FYI, my kid had school photos today and he bit your style a little….. bowtie and sweater.

  2. Leonie says

    Read an article once. Can’t remember the source. It said she felt as if she had to prove herself in her family because all the other members of it did really ‘important’ things. Interesting perspective.

  3. says

    Courtney, your son sounds awesome.

    Leonie – if you watch The September Issue there’s a bit where Wintour talks about what her siblings do. Then she pauses for a moment and says – ‘I amuse them’.

    You almost pity her for a second there.

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