#769 Who says Jethro Cave gets NO covers? I do.

Image /John in Charge

Well I’ll be. I’ve just seen the first cover from NO Magazine‘s seventh issue and it’s featuring none other than everybody’s favourite bad-boy-model slash son-of-Nick, Jethro Cave. I’ve been a huge fan of Jethro’s ever since that Comme Des Garcons show in Paris when he pulled up his sleeve to reveal ‘RIP SMOOTH CRIMINAL‘ to commemorate Michael Jackson’s passing. The guy’s got balls of steel. Not a bad wee cover. Not bad at all.

Update – I just gave NO Magazine editor Melinda Williams a call for more info. She told me that this issue will only have the one cover with Jethro Cave; it should be in store by Sunday this week or early next week; and Australian distribution has increased dramatically.

Update two – I’ve just seen that Imogen over at TGWTKE blogged this about four days ago. I’m obviously a bit slow on the uptake.


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  1. says

    Not feeling this guy, his style is nothing special. Just seems like your average malnutritioned rich kid trying to be grungy, you can find 100 others at senior college….

  2. Anonymous says

    Its malnourished….

    Nick Cave is effortlessly cool, and stylish… see his days with his early band The Birthday Party. It seems plenty of that has rubbed off on his offspring.

  3. Anonymous says

    I fucking LOOOOVE it!. i have just recently started actually reading NO magazine from a few Issues ago and friggin love it. Love Jethro Cave too so am really looking forward to reading this one also. good to see a local magazine that is up-to-grade(and above) with international magazines.I was a big Pavement follower (liked staple alot also) and buy quite a few NZ/Aus publications too but i think is one of the best NZ(or Aus) has ever produced. i like reading the local success stories next to the International..good work, can’t wait to read it… Maggie

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