#770 The FULL Anna Wintour/David Letterman interview

Here’s the full clip. I think the highlight quotes were pretty much covered in the preview clip I wrote about yesterday – the rest of the interview is spent with Letterman asking over and over again how people can be fashionable with little money. It gives Wintour a chance to plug her Fashion’s Night Out event on 10 September, but the real moment of truth comes when Letterman asks how someone can be fashionable with $20. Wintour’s answer – “They could buy a lipstick.”

The best bit for me though (besides Letterman’s hilarious questions), is when Wintour admires Letterman’s socks and tells him he should try out a designer named Thom Browne who “cuts his pants really short so you can focus entirely on the socks.” Letterman’s reply – “Oh really…? Oh… Yeah… Let me get that number.”

It’s a pity Letterman didn’t really push The Devil Wears Prada line of questioning – (which Wintour brushed off as a work of fiction). Like someone tweeted yesterday, the woman who wrote the book was Wintour’s personal assistant – how fictional could it really be?

Anyway, I just think it’s great to see someone from the world of fashion making into the mainstream consciousness – a place generally reserved for movie stars, sporting heroes and politicians. Interesting that it took a film to be made about what they do at Vogue (rather than just what they do at Vogue) to catapult her over the edge.


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  1. says

    It’s interesting that by telling people to buy a lipstick she’s still promoting her advertisers’ products – obviously the sign of a good editor.

    I thought she was going to say ‘go vintage’!

  2. says

    man she knows how to play the game doesn’t she?! she didn’t actually give anything away. Even more impressive is that the interview was unrehearsed.

    Isaac have you read her biography “Front Row: Anna Wintour”??

  3. says

    It’s INSANELY AWESOME. you must read it. I got my copy from unity – they ordered it from the states, but it only took a about a week and cost $30-$40. you will love it.

    also, on the subject of books, am currently devouring “The Beautiful Fall” about Karl and Yves in 60s-70s Paris. Heavenly!

  4. Anonymous says

    i don’t think I have ever seen her laugh as much as she does in this interview in the eleven minutes or so.Still,her laugh is almost enigmatic,she never gives anything away.I guess what some people might construe as a form of elitism is almost endearing and can be forgiven because she is so good at what she does,no?

  5. says

    so, so impressed with Wintour in this interview. she’s pretty awesome.

    it’s my birthday today!!!!!

    oh and also, I have “Front Row: Anna Wintour” if you would like to borrow.

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