#776 Over-exposed? Ash Stymest for Vogue Italia

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The latest Vogue Italia has just been released, with a very derelicte Sasha Pivovarova and Ash Stymest adorning the cover. It just so happens that a number of you have mentioned recently that you feel like Ash Stymest has been over-exposed as a model, so I thought this would make for an interesting topic of conversation. First of all, congratulations are in order to Stymest – it’s not too often that a male model shows up on the cover of Vogue Italia. What a coup.

Modelling is a job. The purpose of doing a job is to make money, and the only way to make money from doing a job is by working. So, in order for a model to be successful, working regularly is a necessity. When people talk about models being over-exposed to the point where they can no longer book jobs, we have a problem. But that’s certainly not the case with Ash Stymest.

I received two comments about Stymest being over-exposed in the last two days: “Ash Stymest [is] so over exploited he’s now a commodity in himself.” and “Ash Stymest is indeed over exploited which is a shame because he is so resplendent, especially in black and white. It drives me fucking insane how publications can abuse male models.”

The first comment makes sense to me. Ash Stymest is well enough known now (in the fashion world) to be his own brand. He’s built up enough buzz around his look and his personality that if there were rockstars in the fashion industry, he’d be one of them. None of this hinders his ability to book jobs. The guy is everywhere. He’s constantly working. The fact that he can pull off a Vogue Italia cover shows that he’s transcended the typical domain of male models and become a fully fledged star in his own right.

The second comment confuses me. How do publications abuse male models? By booking them for jobs and giving them 10 page editorials to line their books? Yes… that does sound rather abusive. An editorial like the Balmain shoot I posted this week only serves to help a model book more jobs.

Look at Kate Moss. Yes, it’s Kate Moss, but she’s the best example of this. She’s had an infinite amount of editorials, covers and campaigns. Often lots of simultaneous campaigns. Has that over-exposure hurt her career? No, it has enhanced it.

I think that’s where Ash Stymest is going. There aren’t too many models out there with the combination of looks and personality to take them to that level of super stardom, but he’s got what it takes. He might be loud, obnoxious and attention seeking, but when he’s in a room, he’s the only one you notice. And the same goes for his modelling work – when he’s on the page, his presence overwhelms everyone else.

So if I was Ash Stymest I’d be begging to be over-exposed. The more work the better.


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  1. Anonymous says

    This probably doesn’t suit the tone of the article, but does this cover make anyone else think of the coal mine scene from Zoolander?

  2. Anonymous says

    i love this cover, it expresses so well the way i am thinking right now, i tried to make a wearable art peice that showed these ideas last year but ended up looking like a pile of rubbish and didn’t win… (thanks Liz Findlay (jokes!!)

    This cover expresses this world view so succinctly and beautifully! Meisel, franca.. love your work!

  3. Anonymous says

    and Ash is a very very beautiful child and humans are hard wired to adore beautiful children, he looks like an 18 yr old 8 yr old you know?

    About the overexposure, only time will tell

  4. allie says

    i don’t think overexposure is really a problem for male models. even the ones who book lots of jobs like ash will never be absolutely everywhere – tv, gossip magazines, runway etc.

    agyness deyn is of course the best example of how overexposure can hurt a girl’ career. pretty much everyone that i can’t talk to her. and so it’s interesting, as you pointed out, that people don’t feel the same about kate moss. who definitely has loads of exposure, sometimes negative, yet people still love her.

  5. Leonie says

    I think it’s good. He’s quite the chameleon and so he doesn’t really hit you in the face as Stymest, but more a character he’s projecting. In Vogue Italia, he has an androgynous look and the way he is styled has a kind of post-apocolyptic quality to it. he could very well be paving a new path for the male model. EQUALITY FOR ALL!

  6. Anonymous says

    Ash is not overexposed. He is building a portfolio and a career. Editorials do not pay but those stories are needed to build a book. A book tells a story, and a picture is worth a thousand words. These editorials are what advertisers and designers look for because you want someone who has a following to sell your line. He is on a path to greatness.

  7. Anonymous says

    oh, comeon, he’s not half bad ok. btw hes very good ♥, I’m thinking of choosing him as one of my models when i run my own cosmetic business in the future:P

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