#779 Alternate Vogue Italia covers (all with boys)

All Images /Fashion Gone Rogue

Two alternate Vogue Italia covers have just gone up, still derelicte, and both featuring boys. I think I like the Ash Stymest/Sasha Pivovarova one best. Oh and is that a boar’s head I see in the cover above? Annah Stretton would be proud. Models include Jamie Bochert, Christian Brylle, Max Rogers, Anna Jagodzinska and Will Lewis. Photographed by Steven Meisel.


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  1. says

    haha ZING!! jeez isaac i don’t know how you deal with these freakin know alls trying to point out every single blip. you should tell them to derelicte your b*lls…or just claim the moral high ground and politely show them their error (or lack of common movie trivia knowledge)

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