1. Anonymous says

    Isaac are you in love with Michael Whittaker? You know there are more male models from NZ.
    Give us at least a day without having to read some fuddy duddy rubbish about Michael. The guys good but I bet there is an easier way to get into his pants than shamelessly promoting him.

  2. Anonymous says

    There’s nothing wrong with Isaac ‘shamelessly promoting’ Michael. If that was your good friend, would you not do the same thing and ‘shamelessly promoting’ him on your website?

    And just fyi, Michael Whittaker is pretty much the only male model from NZ that is working quite consistently internationally these days, which means there’s a lot more to write about him than about other male models from NZ. Sure there are others, but they don’t work that much, so, what is there to tell? Would you like to hear about what Levis Clarke had for breakfast? or what Ryan Cooper had for lunch? or what party Jasper Seven went to last night? That would be sooooo entertaining, wouldn’t it?

    And If you don’t wanna read about Michael, fine, just skip the Michael Whittaker-related entries, nobody forces you to read them.

    Go Isaac! give us more Michael! I hope he’ll do well in NY!! xo

  3. Leonie says

    If Michael’s doing stuff, Michael should be discussed. I don’t see what the problem is .Perhaps we are seeing a little envy here? Whose blog is this anyway?

  4. says

    >Anon said:The guys good but I bet there is an easier >way to get into his pants

    I actually got into Michael’s pants last week. And he got into mine. We were shooting and the photographer liked my skinny black Nom D pants so much he asked Michael and I to swap pants… Everyone said he looked much better in them than me…

  5. Anonymous says

    I agree, it’s nice to see a New Zealand model actually getting some support from their country,instead of getting scythed down with the tall poppy syndrome, once you’ve been successful for more than a week!

    usually its all the third grade internationals that come down here getting work over the locals just because “they’re international”

    what I don’t like is that to support one, people feel that they have to tear other kiwi models down and talk shit about them, in the real world, kiwi models overseas hang out and are friends

    Anyway Michael, we all wish you the best with the season!

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