#781 “I haven’t and won’t conform” – Ash Stymest in Russh Magazine

Scans /Russh Magazine via Emma from Ragpony (thanks!)

I have mixed feelings about interviews with models. They’re not actors or politicians or musicians, they’re people who were born looking a certain way. Yes they assist in selling billions of dollars worth of products and in the creation of art, but it’s generally an aesthetic thing, and doesn’t necessarily bear any relation to who they are as people. (Classic example – Clement Chabernaud said recently that if he wasn’t a model he’d be a manual labourer.) That said, most models would have pretty interesting experiences – being flown around from country to country, working with top photographers etc, but still, I’m unsold.

But every now and again a model like Ash Stymest comes along and captures the zeitgeist with a combination of looks and personality. And I find that very interesting. Everybody who comes into contact with Ash Stymest has a story to tell of his antics – his legend isn’t one simply based on looks. So when Emma Gleason from Ragpony told me that he’d been interviewed in the latest Russh Magazine, I couldn’t wait to read what he had to say for himself.

On why he’s captured people’s attention:
“I’m a bit lou lou… and I guess it’s because I haven’t and won’t conform.”

On male models:
“You don’t expect bitchiness between men, but it does exist, believe you me!”

On his personal style:
“Style? I look like everyone in London! You only have to walk through Camden to see hundreds of better versions of my style.”

On what’s next:
“I have met with a couple of directors recently with discussions about some film projects, but I don’t want to say too much yet.”


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  1. says

    “But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face.”

  2. says

    Interesting to hear you say you have mixed feelings Isaac! Considering you have chosen to make a career out of journalism that is predominantly focused on the careers/lives of models!

  3. says

    The careers, yes. I’m very interested in a model’s career – especially the upward trajectory of a model like Yuri Pleskun who went from obscurity to fame in a matter of months. But their personal lives, no.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ash is the epitome of YAOI. It is by calculation that he was put on the cover Homme Japan as Ash is a slash fantasy made flesh. Nicola is quoted as saying he has watched trends go around from London and to Japan as he travels and Hedi’s genius is to see that “it”. Ash, only just 18, is having fun, has always been pretty and he knows how to use it. This is probably why he he makes such beautiful images. Don’t kid yourself, he is speaking in soundbites on purpose.

  5. says

    For those of you who don’t know, YAOI is a popular term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors. Originally referring to a specific type of dōjinshi (self-published works) parody of mainstream anime and manga works, yaoi came to be used as a generic term for female-oriented manga, anime, dating sims, novels and dōjinshi featuring idealized homosexual male relationships.


  6. says

    Also, anon, in relation to your last point: I think that the fact that Ash Stymest has cultivated a persona that captures people’s attentions is what makes him all the more interesting as a model.

  7. Anonymous says

    Ah Isaac, I do not think that one is asked to cultivate a persona in modeling. If anything it is the empty doll in pretty clothes that is sought. Even the very famous female models are but a projected persona construct. Cole Mohr often refers to himself as a tool. From all accounts Ash’s personality came with him and that might be thing he wont comform because that is the part of him that makes him Ash. That gives him an interesting persona. That persona makes him an interesting model.

  8. Anonymous says

    ash has changed, knew him before he blew up. turned in to a big head, blow ass . its all gone to his head I used to think he was cool, but now to cool for school.

  9. says

    I liked the bit where they ask him about his ‘style’ and he says he dresses like everyone else in London, and that you can walk through Camden or something and see 100 people who are dressed like him but much better. I thought that was good answer.

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