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I obviously spoke too soon in my condemnation of model interviews – once I started reading Per Bojsen Moller’s piece on Jethro Lazenby Cave in the latest issue of NO, I was hooked. It’s not even so much the quotes (though some of them are very very good – I’ll come to those later), but the article itself. Bojsen Moller, an ex-model himself, captures the spirit of the young son-of-a-rockstar in a way that I don’t believe has been done yet. This isn’t a light and fluffy puff piece – the likes of which would be found in plenty of other NZ and international fashion magazines – but a pithy profile that’s well worth a read. Two reads even. Get this: “It is nearly 40 minutes past our arranged meeting time when Lazenby folds himself through the doors of the Dalston bar where I’m waiting. He is all pointy bones and a seething tide of unwashed hair that frames a face still clinging to boyhood, and judging by the odor emanating from the young model, I’d say it’s been at least a couple of days since he last saw a shower.”

The article focusses on everything from Jethro Lazenby Cave’s entrance into the modelling world, “Some guy came up to me and said ‘Oh, I’m looking for models who don’t really look like models,'” to his subsequent success – due, in part to his famous father, “When [his agency] put two and two together and found out who he was (or more accurately, who his father was) they called him in and put him on the books.” And it doesn’t shy away from the fact that he might not be where he is now if it wasn’t for his father. “He is all too aware of the fact that much of his new-found attention stems from his bloodline, and knows as well that he has a unique opportunity because of it.”

That Gumby earring even gets a mention: “It can be said that he borrows from his father a casual disregard for authority, which has seen him land in hot water on more than one occasion. Visually there is the green Gumby earring he is sporting today, which has become something of a fixture of his catwalk career. He wore it for the Costume National show he opened in Milan earlier in the year, though it has popped up on numerous occasions.”

I’m just always interested in a piece of writing that tells the truth and I think this one does. Buy the magazine, read the interview. I think you’ll like it. But to tide you over, here are some of Jethro’s quotes.

On taking his father’s name:
“My theory is that if I sell out now I won’t be accused of it later. So people won’t be like, ‘Oh, he changed, he used to have soul and passion.’ I could then say, ‘No, I was always a sell-out.’ But I wish I hadn’t done it now.”

On his relationship with Nick Cave:
“I didn’t really see him that much when I was growing up. But now that I’ve grown up a bit we can relate to each other and shit. I might see him every few weeks, not that much, really.”

On his musical exploits:
“I write lyrics, I rap, I play piano and I’m really ,really shit at guitar. I also sing a bit. I’ve been fucking around with stuff for years, it’s always what I’ve been interested in. I had some piano lessons for a while but I’m mainly self taught.”

On the Gumby earring:
“Yeah, they actually let me wear it then (for the Costume show) but some people don’t even notice, unless they’re sitting there and see me do it and just thing, ‘Right, I’m never fucking booking him again.’ But I’ll always try and put it back in just before I go on.”

On bad behaviour:
“My agencies don’t nurture my destructive side, I’ve had many a talking to. They love the heroin chic thing but they don’t like the heroin. I don’t take heroin, just thought I should point that out.”

On his friends’ perception of him as rich now that he’s a famous model:
“All my friends assume that I’m really rich because I’ve done all this work, but most of it has been unpaid. When I get it, I just like to spend it straight away, but with some of the money I get for modeling I know I should put it away and try and get a deposit down on a house. I need a campaign, just one big one. Actually I could do a new perfume. If I don’t change my clothes enough I become Phero-Man, just one big pheromone, and excrete sexual potency from my armpits.”

I don’t have the scans from Jethro’s editorial yet, but as soon as I get them I’ll chuck them up here.


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  1. says

    Whoa i can see why you liked the article its nice for someone to say how it is in a industry that doesn’t like to step on established toes (the balenciaga uniforms made on license).
    Shot to this guy and his carefree attitude.

  2. Anonymous says

    so woah his old man happens to be the Englebert Humperdink of goth, looking cool walking down a runway when your 6,1 and skinny dressed in costume national isn’t excactly a very fucking hard task. And the idea that someone is a rebel cos there unprofessional is abserd! MODELS are not REBELS! being paid to wear clothes is not rebeling! He’s just some kid getting paid to fuck around in cool clothes, not that I have anything against that but what a boring thing to celebrate.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yawn. It’s all there in the interview: he openly admits that his booking and subsequent success may have hinged greatly, if not solely, on his “bloodline”. His other credentials appear to include smelling bad, wearing an earring, and generally fitting the mano/grungy/ugly male model mould, which is apparently all you need these days to be lauded with praise in magazines. Verdict for me is just another throwaway face who’ll be forgotten in the time it takes to say “nick cave? didn’t he play with the bad seeds?”

    But hey, that’s society these days, and I’m sure a few magazines were sold because of it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love your blog though Isaac, but I still tend to agree with your earlier appraisal of model interviews.

  4. says

    Hello Isaac,
    Just discovered your blog and I utterly enjoy it!:)
    Would LOVE to read the whole Jethro Cave article – he’s pretty rad and he’s my favorite model:)
    Could you/someone post it, please?

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