#795 The country life

Everytime I visit Patrick Riley he’s living in some obscure part of the city. Last year he was with horses in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, this time he’s in Westchester, upstate New York. He and his fiancee Edith spend half their time on Bond St in Soho and half their time up here. They’re big fans of the country life. We drove up last night – I was expecting some quaint little rural town but it turns out Westchester is a county with 900,000 people. Who’d’ve thought? The house (which bears a striking resemblance to Large’s friend’s New Jersey mansion in Garden State) is set on a huge estate – complete with an archery green. Patrick and I took the bows out for a test drive today. Nothing like a spot of archery to pass the time on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Yes, this is their house. And yes, it makes mine look a dog kennel. Only not like their dog kennel. Their dog kennel is bigger than my house.

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  1. says

    Patrick’s that same bloke that stayed at yours that time and me him and Dale drank hip flask whiskey in your car on your way to that Murray Bevan party?

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