I’m home!! And so excited to be here!! My flight arrived at 5am and featured fashionable cabin-mates Rumi from Fashion Toast – and her photographer boyfriend Colin; and Jenna Sauers aka Tatiana the Anonymous Model Blogger aka my new favourite New Zealander – and her writer boyfriend (whose name eludes me right now but I’ll update as soon as it comes to me). All are here for Fashion Week.

New York was insane and incredible and one endless two week long party but as soon as I stepped out of the airport and breathed in the fresh Auckland air and looked at the giant Auckland sky I got all excited like I’d just watched a feel good movie. But not just any feel good movie, an extra exciting feel good movie like Dirty Dancing or Point Break or 500 Days of Summer (which I saw yesterday and couldn’t stop smiling over for about a billion hours afterwards). New Zealand Fashion Week starts on Tuesday and it’s going to be tons of fun. I’ll be blogging live from the venue each day, plus doing my usual George FM spot on Tuesday morning and a Breakfast TV bit too. Can’t wait.


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  1. Leonie says

    Just an observation, Isaac, but you seem to be living your dream. You must’ve been a good boy in a previous life. Am happy for you.

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