#843 First looks at Nom*D

Zippora Seven and German model Dalia backstage at Nom*D preshow. There are 12 looks in the show, the rest will be presented in a film directed by Auckland’s Curious Film. It’s starting right now!

UPDATE: If you missed out on the show, you can watch the film on the Nom*D website here. I love how grainy it is, and how dark it gets with the black section (reminded me of a Tool video clip), then the moments in the forest focussing on Zippora and PC. Beautiful!

Uploaded with my Sierra Wireless data stick on Telecom XT.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Not likely – too small here. Nobody wants to offend the designers. Everythign is wonderful and lovely and beautiful and fresh and original in NZ cause it has to be so nobodies feelings get hurt and we still get invited back to shows – didn’t you know that?

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