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Stolen Girlfriends Club – Images /WireImage

Terribly sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of days people, I’ve been struggling really hard to find imagery of the shows. There are about 20 photographers at each one but it’s impossible to find good quality shots. Michael Ng is the maestro but I’m yet to figure out how to download the images from the Fashion Week website. It’s killing me! Frustration abounds. Anyway, I’ve put together a little selection of my favourite looks so far, it’s still lacking in a gargantuan way but it’s the best I could do at this stage. I’ll update it later. I don’t have any images from the twentysevennames or Juliette Hogan shows – can’t find them anywhere. So to start things off, here’s Stolen Girlfriends Club from last night, the knitwear was out of this world.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Alexandra Owen – (plus all the rest of the shots below) /FrontRowDiary

I was really into the masculine tailoring at Alexandra Owen – especially in this matte green suiting.


Like I’m constantly saying, I’m obsessed with girls dressed in boys’ clothes. So the womenswear at Zambesi was 100% my jam.


And of course the schoolboy looks at Zambesi Man were a hit. I can definitely see myself in this outfit.


I always associate Nom*D with darkness and gothic layering so I loved the two white looks.


Kate Sylvester

And of course, Kate Sylvester. Girls in man blazers, the airforce suits and especially the oily green PVC trench. Oh, and PC in the camisole. Definitely look of the week.

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester

Uploaded with my Sierra Wireless data stick on Telecom XT.


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  1. VIP press says

    we have similar taste :))

    I liked Alexandra Owen, Kate Sylvester and Zambesi this year.
    Compared to last year, this year was/is let down. Not overwhelm.

    I was at GHD last night.. total lame. I liked Cunningfield or something. Serena fagence girl totally made me laugh (not in a good way) with her PVC shiny studenty work. so not wearable. Is this a standard of up and coming NZ fashion? Many pre-show press, but no talent. A lot of us at front row couldn’t stand it…

    I liked stolen girl friends.. there were more textures and lovely knits that i adore..

  2. Anonymous says

    Agree – FW are hopeless at providign images to media or us bloggers. Very frustrating. I am just taking my own which are OKish

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey ya, I was having the same problem but I’ve finally just been told that if you are on a Mac you can’t use Firefox to download the images from the ANZFW site. You need to use Safari, or a PC. Only took me all week to get a straight answer. Milly.

  4. Anonymous says

    The pictures from every show so far are on Getty and Zimbio. Zimbio is best because they buy Getty’s pictures so there are no anooying tags. I’ve been using Zimbio, it’s hard to find the pics on their site so just Google search the “zimbio” plus the name of the show and then click on the link.

  5. Anonymous says

    isaac if you did want some from the shit selection media are allowed, i’ve got a mac and i found that manually adding a “.jpg” to the image after you’ve uploaded them makes them visible…

  6. says

    also if you’re on a website on your mac and can’t save images, hold down command + shift + 4, and a little crosshair comes up, from there you can cut a selection of the screen, say like an image, and it’s saved as a .jpg on the desktop! happy snapping!

  7. charlotte says

    stolen girlfriends looks ace this year, could so see myself in it from those two pics alone. might have to finally buy into them, love the knit shorties! :)

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