1. Anonymous says

    I am very disappointed of how you have blogged about NZ fashion week! I think you just like to be seen at these shows and party’s and think you are some kind of hero with a big head that goes all over the world going to fashion weeks……Is this a 9 to 5 job? Is this how you want people to see NZ fashion week if they are not there? you make it look like there is not much going on and there is not much to talk about……. posting one blog a day…….. you can be replaced and will be………. Isaac sux more like

  2. says

    yo first anon

    you are a sad individual who compains way too much and needs some humour and love in your life. stop ragging on isaac or stop reading his blog – he aint forcing you.


  3. Leonie says

    Hello Anonymous number one. Feeling a wee bit antsy today are we? Never mind. Get yourself to literacy class and learn a little grammar. It’ll make you feel better. Taa taa.

  4. Anonymous says

    I just wanted to say that you walked past me a few times when I was doing make-up and I was too nervous to say “Hi!!”, so I’m gearing up my nerves so next time I’ll be a strong and confident Hi-er.

  5. Anonymous says

    The coverage of FW this year has been very very disappointing.

    and anon 1 is right.. . this is Issacs ‘job’ .

    Issac is in a position to blog & promote and have a good time, instead he is too concerned about getting press for himself… hello Issac you work for other people.. so work please..

  6. K says

    LOVE issac and finding it all very hard to understand why you are actually reading his job in the first place if this is your opinion. im sure he is doing this for his own passion and not to please everyone out there. Besides, with the state of fashion week i hardly think it deserved much more than one blog per day – after all there was hardly more than one show per day that was even worth writing about.

    We love you issac. Keep doing what your doing, and have a bloody good time doing it. Isn’t that what a “job” should be about?

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