#851 Pamela Anderson’s show at ANZFW – oh the class

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I’m sorry but whose idea was it to bring Pamela Anderson down to New Zealand and make a complete international laughing stock of our industry? Somebody must have been thinking overtime on that one. Like, “Hmmm… need to drum up a bit of publicity… Which famous people can we think of?? Lindsay Lohan? She’d be perfect, but damn, not available. Who’s in fashion… Karl Lagerfeld? Nope, he’s showing Chanel in Paris next week. Anna Nicole Smith? Crappo. Dead. Oh, I know, how about Pamela Anderson. She was in that great 90s beach drama, and what about her comeback in Borat? Perfect!”

Here’s what giant gossip blog What Would Tyler Durden Do had to say about the ordeal:

“New Zealand has a Fashion Week, apparently, and it’s going on now, and creepy weirdo Richie Rich had his show last night. He’s the graceful swan who roller skated 10 feet then fell down. Pam Anderson was the star of the show, and I’m using “star” in the loosest possible sense. All she really did was walk down the runway in clothes that were clearly going to fall off and then did. I think I got a virus just opening these. And I don’t mean a computer virus. I mean syphilis.”

Below – more from Perez Hilton.

“Pamela Anderson sashayed her non-SPF body down the Richie Rich catwalk in New Zealand and let it all hang out! The 42 year-old showed off some serious T n’ A, while wearing a very sheer sheet that had her image printed on it at the finale of the A*Muse fashion show. The animal-friendly and organic A*Muse collection consists of tees, hoodies, casual dresses, and beachwear with images of the designer himself and of course, his muse, Pammie. While the girl is fearless when it comes to showing off her body, after passing 40 we think it’s time to cover it up, Pam. Gravity is running its course on you and not everyone wants to see that!”


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  1. says

    I don’t actually think Pamela is the problem here. Pamela wasn’t doing anything Pamela doesn’t always do.

    The problem is ANZFW paying some exorbitant amount to bring her down to NZ for to drum up some publicity.

    It’s the wrong type of publicity. Anybody could and should have known that.

    Very disappointing I think.

  2. J says

    It doesn’t do any of our hardworking designers here any favors if they are trying to break into specific markets overseas either.

  3. Anonymous says

    Fashion week this year was not the best. And Pam made it worse, not very classy at all. More ass than class that what Pam showed us!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hey Isaac, good on you dude for putting your thoughts to print, someone really needed to. Horrible, horrible idea from the get go; everything about her is the polar opposite to most of the NZ designers. The Stewarts and whoever else is responsible are idiots and need to be told so.

  5. says

    I’m going to stir and say I love what A*MUSE is about – hearing the passion that both pam and richie have for life was kind of inspiring.

    Good on the planet good on the soul. yes, bold statement.

    making beach boots from recycled bottles… with glitter… life is good.

  6. Anonymous says

    From Australian’s point of view..

    i thought Pamela anderson and Richie Rich were really “fun” to look at. Not in a good way obviously. But NZ didn’t offer anything exciting from design side and there weren’t enough (or non) good “designers” this year.. The weather was bad and so were services from Fashion week sucked. There were meaningless “group shows” and lack of designers.

    Australians follow Northern whereas NZ is the only country who does Southern… Once again, Fashion show time collides with London FW.. What is the point of throwing lots of cash to bring in weirdos from the States? The quality is always going to be EXACTLY SAME! NO IMPROVEMENT! arghhh.

  7. Anonymous says

    Pieter Stewart..hmm. No comment on her judgement.

    I agree Pam is not the right ‘look’ for NZ Fashion Week- they could have had someone like Santino Rice then I would have been happy 😀

    Aside from that, I like Pam, she is a good mum and a vegan, and an animal rights activist, and a hard worker. I bet she was sold on the idea of coming to NZ to have a holiday with her kids..

  8. Anonymous says

    I’m glad someone voiced what many were thinking

    I thought that it was ridiculous yesterday when NZ’s most internationally successful designer, the talented, classy and high end Karen Walker was completely snubbed by media coverage in favour of a tacky undie show,

    I was looking for coverage of Karen but could only find Pams products

    Also a lot of the coverage of ANZFW by mainstream media has been on the jokey side, and hardly any of it

    Its almost like they are too afraid to give too much coverage to fashion even in Fashion week in case someone might complain that it is too much like they have in other years.. despite the fact that coverage of rugby seems to take up half of any news bulletin every day of the year!

    So pathetic, boobs on bikes got more media coverage

  9. Anonymous says

    I totally agree. As much as i like Pammy, she was not an ideal choice. After being on site once or twice during the week I couldn’t help but cringe. Worst was when I witnessed two models smashed off their faces crawling up the stairs to the toilets at 3 in the afternoon, before being helped by staff. I felt embarrassed for the industry.
    I also thought it was inappropriate for a designer to come on stage brandishing a machine gun.

  10. Anonymous says

    oh and while you at it Isaac, why don’t you blog about* why young designers had to pay to do their shows while big designers like Zambesi, Nom.d, trelise didn’t have to. My little spy told me that Sera lilly & Alexandra Owen didn’t have to pay (Pieter’s decision).

    so let’s conclude..

    Air NZ Fashion Week got $3 millon dollors last year already from sponsors (oh damn now we have to do fashion week)and used that to bring Pamela + Richie. And made young designers to pay for ANZFW while big designers didn’t have to.. hmm.. dodgy fashion week? I bet NZ fashion week is the only fashion week that gets criticized.

  11. says

    I would imagine the fashion world thinks Pam has a little more credibility now that she is the star of the Vivienne Westwood campaign and walked in her last show. She is still pretty tacky though.

  12. Anonymous says

    I said she was wrong when I first hear she was coming but what would I know I am just a buyer of N.Z labels and not that important to fashion week been around to long.Next year the girls from the playboy manson

  13. Anonymous says

    say what you like about Pam but she sure put ANZFW on the map, every paper across the globe and websites, had her all over the place..there is no such thing as bad publicity, at least now people know that NZ has a fashion Week and not just sheep shearing contests..

  14. Anonymous says

    Serious and retentive… far to cool.

    Have a laugh and stop bitching.

    “fashionistas” are all a bunch of wannabes.

    Be nice.

  15. John says

    Funny as all the hype about that chick from Fashion Toast and I think she’s done like 2 posts about the whole week and that’s it. Spent most of the time talking about the (admittedly brilliant) Claude Maus dress she got at black box. and for people who are unaware, that’s an Australian label.

  16. says

    Actually John – as far as I’m aware, Rumi Neely was brought over by Front Row Diary, not by Fashion Week. And she was brought over to blog for them, not to blog on her own website.

  17. Anonymous says

    Rumi Neely barely blogged on the FRD website which is an absolute joke at the best of times. Not exactly a crack team of fashion reporteers as promised. Karlya’s ‘expert reviews’ were patheticly inadequate. Perhaps these girls and MB as their puppet master should get some training…although I would like to note that Anna did a great walk on Breakfast tv. She is a good model – just a terrible reporter and an atrocious editor.

  18. John. says

    I’d love to know if FRD are dissapointed with the effort that Rumi put in? I’m assuming that covered her expenses for this trip, and the effort she put back in is pretty weak. Bryan Boy did a great job I thought, they should’ve got him to come back. I’m still amazed fashion toast has as large a following as it does.

  19. Anonymous says

    All the blogs have been a joke! NZ Hearld has been the best stop. Is there going to be a fashion week next year? This was not a good year, the only good part was Kate Sylvester, world class, amazing, that was a fashion show!

  20. Anonymous says

    i agree with above anon.

    Zambesi was ok – but so same with their previous seasons.. Nom.d was too typical not funny. any other shows were joke. Kate did the best show ONCE AGAIN!

    Others were joke.. Serena Fag’s one was an embarrassment.

  21. Anonymous says

    You bunch of Gen Y’ers (i am assuming) posting these comments should get off your lazy asses and create something magical of your own then. Whether it be a fashion label or fashion week, creating either takes sheer guts, determination and serious hard work. Agreed, a lot of what is produced here in NZ is crap, however if we continue with our tall poppy shit of cutting down anyone who gives it a go, we’ll go nowhere as a country. A bit more positive feedback and support of others would be great to see from you lot.

  22. Anonymous says

    That comments bull shit, being critical is not tall poppies mate. Re-read those comments, there’s praising the people they feel have done a good job, and criticising those that they feel haven’t, and all the c*nts in question are NZ’ers. so I don’t see how it’s tall poppies.. Christ Tall Poppies, stupidest fucking phrase I’ve ever heard.

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