#855 It’s a Play on Comme

Allow me to eat my words. I was interviewed for a Unitec student magazine a few weeks ago about what guys should be wearing for summer. I answered plain white tee shirts and said something about how wack printed tees are. Then in my review of Stolen Girlfriends Club’s show last week I mentioned that I was impressed at how far a departure the new collection was from their “This is not Marc Jacobs for Stolen Girlfriends Club” past efforts. Anyway, I went to Black Box today and saw this Stolen Girlfriends Club printed tee shirt (above) which is selling like hot cakes right now. And I liked it. I really liked it. We all know I’m a huge Comme Play fan, and I just thought this was a clever send up of the Comme Play heart. I’m still a big advocate of the plain white tee, but if I was going to be wearing any printed tee shirt this summer, this would probably be it.

The end.


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  1. Anonymous says

    “Play” I don’t think so. Fair enough to reference past collections of other designers, but this is just blatant copying. If you want a shirt like this, how about you buy a Comme one?

  2. josh c-s says

    Of course it’s Stolen gfc who have never had an original idea since the conception of their lame brand, I mean “welcome to nowhere” is that not the name of a certain auckland bands hit song. Referencing other peoples art isn’t clever, I can do it and you can do it too, “referencing” or shall we say ripping off seems to happen all to often in the fashion industry and particularly in NZ. But to sell it for $129 a pop and attempt to mask it under a phoney guise of “it’s a play on words/comme” is appauling it’s pure plagiarism and they know it!
    If you don’t believe they’re lame take a look at their cringe fest of a collection video

  3. J says

    Isaac…how is this even clever?

    They’ve pretty much copied the Play logo and you might as well fork out a bit more and get the real deal.

    People who brought these are suckers. hahahah suckers!

    Trelise and SGC should collaborate next season.

  4. says

    White tees, come on isaac, way better on girls. There are lots of good colours for guys this season, just try country road tees, the peach rules. Agree with josh about SGC, hopefully they won’t attach lame cliche indie song lyrics to every item of clothing this season. But still, its the best stuff they’ve ever done. Best of the worst…

  5. Anonymous says

    man some people are such haters! come on…Stolen Girlfriends Club have done so well. I dont reckon they take themselves too seriously….they just like making fun clothes and they are really good at it!

  6. says

    Haha, possibly a valid comment anon. I think I had this exact conversation with you Isaac? SGC seems to have become strangely placed as one of those brands people love to hate. I must admit that while I wouldn’t call myself a fan, SGC is only guilty of the same crimes as a countless other labels/designers, and at the end of the day I would rather see NZ brands like this making the money than overseas brands.

  7. Anonymous says

    I suppose the pimply school kids that buy this sh!te don’t know that this has already been played out. I suppose that is a good ploy on the brands part…..target school kids with clothes that would feel at home in a Supre store near you.

  8. josh c-s says

    Why is it that when it comes to fashion it is all of a sudden ok to leave integrity on the doorstep? when all other artforms have to stand up to the same degree of scrutiny. Should we not consider fashion/clothing design as an equal to Fine art, Film or Music? If we do Fashion must also be able to stand up to the same rigouros critique. How else are we to decide what is good or bad? I for one am not spending my hard earned cash on derrivitive junk if that makes me a hater then fine im ok with that.

  9. Anonymous says

    isn’t this just a piss take on how serious fashion is? this t’shirt is the perfect example…its a t’shirt, not fine art…and i dont think it is trying to come across as anything its not…..
    Man its a piss take guys..why is everyone so serious…..
    if you dont like it dont buy it but dont compare it to fine art….its seasonal fashion for goodness sake

  10. Anonymous says

    no its not its a rip off you should buy it then, yeah spend 130 bucks on it and when i see you wearing it ill take the piss out of you for wasting your money on copy cat clothing that you paid 130 bucks for ahahaha

  11. Sarah says

    If thats the way I wanted the tee to look with whatever I’m wearing, id buy it.
    How many times has the LBD been done?the same ?how often do guys wear dresses??fashion doesn’t really go anywhere.
    fu*k would you take the shite.
    What/who do you wear??

  12. says

    @ Anon

    Zara left Stolen to pursue a freelance career. She will continue to be fashion editor at NO magazine and we’re looking forward to her having more time to work with us! She’s overseas in the US for about five weeks now and will be doing shoots for us while she’s there. Nobody has been named as a replacement at Stolen AFAIK.

  13. Anonymous says

    The main problem with Stolen Girlfriends Club is that they don’t have any original ideas, they use crap materials, charge an arm and a leg for it, and knuckle dragging morons who don’t know any better fork out for it. Real shame that they get away with that.

  14. Anonymous says

    they dont use crap materials….the pieces i have from them have lasted me more than most expensive designer labels i have bought in the past…the prices are reasonable too….if you want something cheaper shop at glassons or supre or topshop…because of course all THEIR ideas are “original”

    i think their new collection is original…and yes of course they reference past ideas but who doesnt.
    I dont think anyone these days can come up with something original….its all been done guys.!

  15. says

    I have to give if to SGC, if nothing else they seem to have provocation down to a fine art. It is marketing genius when you get someone who hates (or thinks they hate) your product to go around mentioning your brand name….

  16. says

    Yeah, yeah, SGC aren’t giving us anything groundbreaking.. but these t-shirts are just having a bit of fun with a few well known fashion houses. Good on them for not taking themselves too seriously. I still have a chuckle to myself at the ‘This is not Marc Jacobs for SGC’ slogan they used a few years back.

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