#858 Preshow interview with Huffer’s Steve Dunstan – “It’s going to be fly”

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Let’s start with themes. Last season it was fishing, this season it’s flying?
SD: Yeah, fly is quite a diverse word. To me it’s a little dreamy, a bit mysterious. It’s about flying, but it’s going to be fly as well.

I looked backstage and there’s not so much colour as in previous seasons.
SD: We pulled back a little bit on colour but there are still the feature colours. In the past it’s been a bit poppy but this season it’s more subdued. In a good way. Maybe we’re growing up? (Laughs) Na.

How was it working with Kristine Crabb on the womenswear?
SD: Oh my God, amazing. Her design maturity and originality is incredible. She has this amazing simplicity but sometimes the simple things are hardest to do. And her patterns too. Her patterns are amazing. We’re 13 years into the label now and as we’ve grown there was a need to grow a more sophisticated aesthetic to the womenswear. Our origins were always more menswear and the women’s has been sitting on the sides. But I’m surrounded by girls saying to me ‘what should I wear to a party?’ Huffer doesn’t have event wear, party dresses or evening attire. That’s why we brought Kristine on. It was amazing she was interested in working with us. She saw the vision.

Everything looks so organised backstage.
SD: Yeah, we’ve been pretty organised this year, the sample range was ready to go about three or four weeks ago. And we have a rock solid team – Rachael, Grant, Jade Hurst, Aaron, Ella, Dan, everyone in the team has come together.

What’s happening in America?
SD: I was up there two weeks ago. We’ve developed more of a global collection. A trans-seasonal collection. So there’s just going to be one production cycle for the globe. That way we know we can deliver on time. In the past we’ve stumbled on redoing ranges and reproducing pieces for the Northern Hemisphere that we’ve finished the production cycles on for down here, but now we’ve picked out our Spring/Summer 2010 range and we know it’ll be on time. I was showing the range at an invitation only trade show named Capsule in Las Vegas. Like they say over there (puts on American accent), we took in good paper that day. (Laughs)

One thing I’ve always really respected Huffer for as a brand is the way in which you’ve never tried to be something you’re not. It says it in the poem on the catwalk ‘It’s our low fashion dream’.
SD: It’s been amazing having this thing called Huffer. Fashion is so exclusive and we like to be inclusive. It’s about touching people. If anyone’s interested to come to our show or see what we do, it’s great. It’s difficult to not get influenced by things around you, to achieve that clarity of vision. You’ve got information coming at you left, right and centre. Back in the day Dan (Buckley) would see catalogues for other brands lying around and say ‘Get them out of here’. He didn’t want to see what anybody else was doing. He’s really good at achieving that sense of purity in design. But the brand is a collaboration. It’s not about Dan or me.

Was the collaboration with Kristine a once off or is it going to be an ongoing relationship?
SD: Kristine was a real pleasure to work with, we’ve talked very loosely about future collaborations but on what level we don’t know.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I have never been a big Huffer fan – too street for me usually. New collaboration with Miss Crabb is FANTASTIC though. I shall be buying!!!

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