#869 Who wears short shorts?

I wear short shorts! Kate Sylvester was kind enough to gift them to me last week and I’ve been waiting for any opportunity to wear them out. I’m obsessed. It’s been a bit cold so far but I braved the 8 degrees here in Diamond Harbour this morning to take the picture. Come to think of it, every item I’m wearing was a gift. Dad’s sweater (not so much a gift as a take), Pantharella socks courtesy of Crane Brothers and birthday Chucks from my flatmates. Thank you to all my benevolent benefactors.


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  1. k says

    Are they the Gordon shorts? I love those shorts. Made boyfriend try them on in the weekend. They are awesome but he won’t let me buy them for him as they are $255. Plus he probably doesn’t like being treated like a dress-up doll. Damn. I love the button. Plus the elastic at the back. Plus the length. I heart them a lot. I am glad someone gets to have them.

  2. says

    damn right. it’s almost like they’ve taken your two favorite things and mashed them together. For me I’d probably end up with some kind of chicken flavored beer.

  3. Anonymous says

    I heart short shorts! I like how all the chain stores (with the exception of Hallensteins) are carrying them this year. I got a great pair from jayjays! Wtf?! I know. Probs won’t last long, but meh – worth it for 30 bucks. Cotton on are doing good denim ones. Its a bit of a shock to see them being relatively fashion forward! (not that short shorts have been in fashion for the past god-knows-how-many years).

  4. k says

    AM GETTING THEM! For his birthday. I just had this mare where I rang KS and the girl was all ‘we’ve sold out in speckle’ and I was all ‘AAAAARGH’ and she was all ‘what about this colour?’ and I was too stressed out to decide and I had to ring Area 51 but then I rang the wrong one, then had to find the right number and then called it and put them on hold.

    Hmm. That wasn’t such a good story after all.

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