#872 Bella Barber – Nova’s new star

All Images /Chadwick

From the agency who brought you girls like Olivia O’Driscoll (where has she been!!) and Grace Hobson, comes Bella Barber. I know virtually nothing about Bella but apparently she hails from Dunedin, she’s 5’9 with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she’s been over in Sydney with Chadwick shooting up a storm for the past wee while (okay, so I actually know quite a lot). Her Isabella Blow themed Grazia editorial has just come out, and a Russh ed is on its way too. Could Nova have a new star?

All the Grazia shots below.


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  1. Anonymous says

    not sure i would say russh is ‘going strong’, didn’t they just let some people go? but they’re not in the grave yet.

  2. says

    It would seem that two of the photos I put up were actually of another girl named Pinkie who’s with Chic in Australia.

    I’ve taken those two down so now it’s a Bella-only zone.

    Sorry for any confusion!

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