#874 Backstage at ANZFW

Georgia Fowler and Emma Champtaloup at Zambesi – All Images /Guy Coombes

An email just came through from Guy Coombes containing a whole bunch of backstage photos from ANZFW, and it was so funny that instead of me writing anything I thought I’d just reproduce it here. It said:

Some pretty dope backstage photos by this amazing photographer Guy Coombes are now up on his website www.guycoombes.com, just thought you and your readers might like them. Plus it’s been a while since he’s shamelessy promoted himself on your blog.
Attached are some shots, including one of some weirdo in a maroon sweater taking photo’s with his blackberry. How’d he get back there?
xx Devoted Guy Coombes fan.”

All the photos below.

Georgia Fowler and Derya Parlak

PC Blaas and Derya Parlak at Zambesi

Zippora Seven at Kate Sylvester

Veronica Crockford Pound and Emma Champtaloup at Zambesi

Elena S napping at Nom*D

Zippora Seven and Vinnie P at Stolen Girlfriends Club

Vinnie P, Zippora, Emma C and Karla Devine at Stolen Girlfriends Club

Hal Cheshire, Levi Clarke, Vinnie P and Guy Coombes – Zombies at Kate Sylvester

Me! At Kate Sylvester


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  1. k says

    are zippy and vinny a couple? today is the second time i have seen them walking hand in hand around ponsonby.

    if they are, they’re the kind of couple you hate because they look so attractive together. model + model = extremely good looking couple.

  2. Anonymous says

    I’m really glad I know that the model is napping at Stolen GF not Nom*d, it was really troubling me…. I’m sure the general public feels the same.

  3. Anonymous says

    on a different anzfw note, isaac am i the only one that noticed stitch ministry blatantly ripped off the prada waders? was embarrassing to be sitting next to international delegats witnessing this shame

  4. Anonymous says

    no! i was watching fashion tv the other day and prada came on and i could not believe how stitch ministry had just completely stolen the whole idea! big hair, thigh high boots, those leather suspender type things.. the only thing that was different was the colour palette.. and the calibre of the actual clothes.

  5. Anonymous says

    yes EMBARRASSING shame on you stitch ministry, i mean forgoddsake who copies prada and thinks they can get away with it!!!!!!! and you didnt

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