#875 Cathy Horyn on Phoebe Philo’s first outing at Celine

“Yesterday afternoon, around 4p.m., the Place Vendôme was so jammed with cars that it recalled photographs of the square when parking was permitted. People were on their way to see Phoebe Philo’s first show for Celine, and the mood felt genuinely festive—not the mean celebrity scene that usually awaits you, with guards furiously telling store chiefs and editors to step aside for (inevitably) a minor celebrity. This happens so often that a friend of mine suggested that all the celebrity designers (Gwen Stefani, et al) get together with their friends and have Celebrity Fashion Week. They can get their business out of the way, knock themselves out, and then the rest of us can do ours.”

[NY Times]


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  1. Anonymous says

    celebrity fashion week a bloody good idea. then the people who design,sell and buy for their stores can work in a professional environment and be taken seriously by the puplic and no celebrity fashion bullshit to put up with Take note NZFW get back to what it started as a trade show with fashion shows for buyers.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Isaac I know your busy, and you’ve got a demanding full time job and all. But can you slow down with the blogposts. Like fuck man, can’t even read as fast as you type and post ’em.

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