#878 Steve Wood’s top ten girls of the S/S 2010 season

Backstage at Christian Dior /Stardust Fashion

Steve taunted me with a constant stream of emails and photos for the duration of the S/S season – “We’re going to a little show this morning – Chanel – you really must come along,” or “You really should think twice before not coming next season,” that kept me simultaneously seething with jealousy and up to date with all the backstage action. In a four week show circuit, he’d spend upwards of 250 hours backstage with the top models in the world, so I thought I’d ask him for his favourites of the season.

Here’s what he had to say.

10. Hanne Gaby Odiele. Always the comedian, she laughs, shouts and even screamed one day when I stepped back heavily and trod on her foot (within half an hour she had forgiven me – unfortunately I cannot forgive the mistake myself). She always has fun.

9. Vlada. There is none that can put a fashion show on the map like her, and she is without doubt one of the most interesting girls to have come out of Russia. When she poses it is exceptional. I think that if she goes on to Hollywood after completing a few more seasons she will have no problem gaining work in the top movies. I’m never sure whether she likes me or not, but when she poses she is totally professional and never holds anything back.

8. Karlie Kloss. The hot one. A look all of her own.

7. Talk talk talk talk, this one’s always happy to talk. And to pose. I’m sorry I have lost her e-mail otherwise she would be able to chat to you herself.

6. Kim Noorda. She doesn’t always pose for me but is one of my favourite models. She’s an unassuming, quiet girl but when she does pose for me it is mind-boggling, her eyes haunt me hours after I have photographed her. Despite being around for many seasons, Kim has not changed, she’s an introvert. If I was in my youth she would be my dream girl. Her haunting look and composure is second to none, when all is going wrong backstage, she remains calm and composed.

5. Michelle Buswell – the American dream girl. I had not seen her around for a few seasons so I was so pleased to see that Jean Paul Gaultier used her in his show. She brought back the fun.

4. Tanya Dziahileva. We’ve been friends for many seasons now, and we appeared together earlier this year in a double page spread in the New York Times Magazine. Tanya did less shows this season as I feel she should – there’s no point in her working round the clock like she did before, she should just pick the shows she wants to appear in. She has undoubtedly proven herself as one of the all-time greats, her composure even after a show to pose continuously is remarkable, she certainly knows the business, and never lets any photographers down. Well after many girls have run out the door in search of more work, she will pose in the top outfit of the show, so that the designer and herself will get the maximum amount of publicity.

3. Liu Wen. A joyful person to work with, I shall look forward to seeing her in the next season. As we said goodbye it was a tear in my eye that we parted knowing that it’s going to be some months before we see each other again. When she smiles my heart breaks.

2. Madison. A cool girl, she’s new on the block but will be around for many seasons yet. Maybe she’s just a baby but with a great heart and fun personality.

1. Yordanos Teshager. My all time favourite, she’s crazy she’s fun and I relate to her like no other girl.

All images /Steve Wood for Stardust Fashion.


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