#883 Little Brother for Barkers, take two

First off, mad kudos to Murray Crane (or the creatives at Barkers) for taking a risk in casting Felix Terpstra as the new face of Little Brother for Barkers. He may not be the typical Kiwi bloke seen in the likes of a Hallensteins campaign – or even easy-to-relate-to for your average rugby loving clothes shopper, but he’s certainly a step in the right direction. Hopefully more New Zealand commercial clothing companies will follow Barkers’ lead and adopt a similar approach in their campaign casting. It’ll remain to be seen.

Now, the actual shoot. The lookbook has the appearance of one of those Japanese editorials (or advertorials? I can never tell) that showcase the clothing of one particular brand. The clothing still looks like Little Brother, but it’s a more commercial-friendly version – the shorts are a little longer (covering the knee) and the pants are a little fuller in volume.

The highlight piece for me is the blue cloud shirt (below), it comes from nowhere among the collection’s mostly neutral colour palette and and smacks you straight in the face. Great colour, hilarious print, I’m going to have to get one for myself. I’m looking forward to seeing Murray Crane push the boat out a little more with sillhouettes and cloths, but I’ve had a sneak peek at winter 2010 and the knitwear and coats are looking very good so far.

Special thanks to Aaron K for helping me with the photos!


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  1. Anonymous says

    Who says its the lowest form of humour, send me a link for the evidence of that, then I’ll go read your other link.

  2. Anonymous says

    although i won’t be shopping there..
    i must say.. nice one Barkers..
    step in the right direction for all commercial labels to follow imo..

  3. Anonymous says

    Nice one Barkers and Murray. I love the shorts! That cloud or whatever it is shirt is way cool. I’ll be checkin the range out.

  4. Anonymous says

    A tall, skinny boy dressed in a dull palette! Yeah! That’s risky, man!

    I’m scared of Little Brother! LOL!

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m not going to be able to sleep until i know WHETHER or not you know how to correctly spell WHETHER. You look like a prized twat when you make a cynical, sarcastic comment comprised of poor grammar and/or spelling. Word.

  6. Anonymous says

    Why did you credit Aaron K for helping with the images & not Jeremy Toth for the photography? Its a little confusing… yes?

    Who is Jeremy Toth any ways? a Kiwi?

    Any whoo, The collection looks okay, where are the clothes made? and what are the prices like?

    Will Little Brother have a section of the store designated for the clothes?

    Is Des Rusk still in with Barkers too?

  7. Anonymous says

    Des is giving back to the community by teaching his craft at uni.
    Last season barkers did have a couple of racks designated to little brother not the biggest advertising for it being in store though, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

  8. j c s says

    Isaac how is that a risk ? when i worked at Lb we always used those sorts of skinny looking dudes for models and yeap what a shitty ad, there was one cool Lb ad, “the one i shot!” with the blond fella, sam i think it was, taking a drag on a ciggy not that that pic was the best of the shoot but muz seemed to like it, “ooooh controversial” why wouldnt you use a skinny dude the clothes are cut for skinny dudes look stop kissing arse and write something intelligent lots of love your pal c

  9. says

    I love little brother, it’s always been one of the only brands I can rely on really. Unfortunately the pants last season were terrible (on me anyway). But it’s got me sorted for shirts, love that new grey one with the little white flower patter on it. I think they’ve hit the nail on the head with the patterns, subtle enough to fit in at my corporate job, but interesting if you look up close. Not so keen on the boxy as jacket though, lb seems to do that once in a while.. Without wanting to sound like one of your trademark anon haters I didn’t find the model particularly eye catching. But I understand your excitement that its not Dan Carter lol….

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