#864 Stella Maxwell’s Japanese liaison

There was no sign of Stella Maxwell in Milan that I could see – perhaps she skipped it after London, perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough or perhaps she didn’t book any shows – but thanks to expert model spotter Lilly Andersen we’ve just found her in Paris on the catwalk at Issey Miyake. The Japanese love those blonde Kiwi girls – some of you might remember last year that Olivia O’Driscoll’s major show at Paris Fashion Week was Yohji Yamamoto. I’ll keep a closer eye out to see what Stella does for the rest of the week.

Image /Steve Wood


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  1. Anonymous says

    She didn’t have a show card in milan, i don’t think she was represented. Well done on London and Paris though!

  2. says

    Nope not a Kiwi. She is British.

    As luck would have it Stella was a student here in Dunedin. Hence mother agent AliMCD.

    Stella is a true sweetheart. Brains and beauty!

    Proud to have started her on this journey…

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