#865 Backstage panic

Natalia Vodianova – All Images /Sonny Vandevelde

There are two types of moods backstage at fashion shows. The first is smooth and speedy – everyone’s calm, knows where they’re supposed to be going and hops to it. The second is panic – dressers are getting outfits wrong, models have too many changes and the designers are having nervous breakdowns. You can usually tell which is which from the off-the-catwalk photos. If things are calm, the girls will perform for the photographers in between looks. If things are bedlam, they’ll knock the photographers out of the way to run to their racks. I just saw these photos from the Ermanno Scervino show on Sonny Vandevelde’s blog. Natasha Poly’s frowning, Chanel Iman’s screaming, things look stressful. I love it.

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly

Bruna Tenorio

Abbey Lee

Chanel Iman


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  1. charlotte says

    more importantly, natalia back on the runway? eff YES! (though i’m not counting on a runway resurgence :( )

  2. charlotte says

    i think it’s just an exclusive. she is amazing, i dunno how she does it, esp. with three kids in tow! i think being a freakishly gorgeous human has A LOT to do with it.

  3. says

    It’s such a shame that so many short sighted NZ designers and show producers choose to eject backstage photographers at ANZFW just before their shows begin. This is a wasted opportunity in my opinion. Don’t they realise that the whole reason for putting on a show is to get as much media coverage as possible?

    For the joint shows (like New Gen) this means little or no backstage coverage for designers who don’t show first.

    The Kate Sylvester show was by far the best in terms of catering to the media requirements backstage. In fact all of the shows styled by Karen I-W were really media friendly. Big-ups to Karen and her crew for actually letting the media do their job!

  4. says

    That’s a very good point Aaron, the best photographs you can get backstage are always the ones when the girls have just walked off the runway. They’re full of adrenaline and excited and willing to throw crazy shapes.

    Any producers who kick photogs out during the show are crazy!

  5. Anonymous says

    Yep, I’m with Aaron on that one…. Media coverage was pathetic this year. PR agents peddled in propaganda this year too… Lots of media told to write false info (and did) from PR agents…SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Perhaps if Fashion Week treated the media as colleagues, not enemies, and if they did simple things like improving backstage access, updating their media lists regularly, responding to email enquiries within a two-week time frame (or at all), not abusing editors for their coverage (or perceived lack thereof), having reliable internet access, or even access to the media room for all media… then maybe they would get better coverage.

  7. Anonymous says

    Last anonymous – totally with you! Working as media this year was a constant battle

    Previous anonymous, tell us who/what!!??

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