#892 Snapped at 1am by 1AM

Image /1AM Magazine

1AM’s latest issue has just hit the web, chocablock full of editorials, Fashion Week recaps and articles about up and coming NZ talent. Oh, and a little late night street style courtesy of Glenn Hunt. Glenn snapped me at Cassette after the Zambesi retrospective show. Joining me on the page are the lovely ladies from Fashion Behind the Scenes and Aych; my main man (and soon-to-be collaborator) Rufus Knight with Dallas Watkins from Zambesi; and Avril, Karlya and Karen IW – lighters, stylists and photographers to the stars.


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  1. Anonymous says

    the comment re red eye makes me laugh out loud, simon have you ever heard of terry richardson or jurgen teller? both are fond of red eye and shooting often on throwaway cameras. where have you been, obviously not a photography person in the know so helloooo to you

  2. Anonymous says

    mygod there is some godawful nasty people out there (jcs) what is your problem? hate isaac but cant stop reading his blog, get a life for godsake and maybe try to put some postive energy out there instead of spewing your nasty insides out into the world , isaac you look great

  3. Sam says

    so agree with anon at 11pm, it’s like if you don’t like isaac and only want to put him down, then why do you bother reading his blog and go to the effort of commenting. Pathetic!

  4. says

    Fair call “anon” at 10:44pm. I am familiar with them though would not call myself an expert. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Am not a fan of Terry “throwaway” Richardson for that very reason. I like most of what I have seen of Jurgen Teller though. I find red eye just detracts from it. Stupid to say “not in the know” because I don’t like red eye.

  5. Anonymous says

    Terry Richardson or Jurgen Teller??.. Paaaaalease!. The reason these two photographers are iconic is due to their innovative and pioneering styles. and their dedication to uniformity throughout their careers work. A convenient comparison is certainly no excuse for sloppy photography.

  6. Anonymous says

    Good call @ anon 11:03, there is a big difference between a professional photographer who happens to take a few party snaps once in a while, and someone who just throws some happysnaps on a page and calls it a magazine. Whoever is comparing these is kidding themselves…. Would be interested to see this giant collection of Jurgen Teller photos with red eye…

  7. says

    debating the merits of our photography is kinda pointless as in you are obviously missing the point! f.y.i we are attempting to return to the roots of true photography and take a purely reportage/doco approach to fashion where its more about the subject and capturing the spontaneity of the moment rather than about the photographer and the preconceived ‘wank’ of fashion photography. our pictures should be judged on this basis alone – whether we are successful in this is what should be debated, not if they are ‘good’ photos in the traditional sense!

    its about having an open mind and having fun! enjoy!

  8. says

    1stly Thanks Hannah!!!
    2ndly The red eye looks kind of cool and judging from 1ams usuall style it was most likely deliberate
    3rdly why would you waste your time commenting on someones blog if you didnt like it, get a life you mean person

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