#895 Shot of the day – Katherine Likes

Image /Katherine is Awesome

My friend Katherine Lowe over at Katherine is Awesome has been teasing me for a week now about making a spoof of my website. Here it is. Amazing what you can do with photoshop and a spare hour. I think it’s pretty safe to say that yes, Katherine IS awesome. Click the picture to see all the amazing details.

I LIKE YOU (Katherine)!

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  1. Anonymous says

    yeah i hate that word ‘awesome’, sorry isaac, getting used far too much, becoming the new ‘choice’ aka kiwi speak. think i would rather ‘choice ‘made a comeback and got rid of ‘awesome’.

  2. Anonymous says

    I LOVE YOU ISSAC!! your so cool, and represent so many NZ fashionistas:) me and my friends all envy you..just know sooooooooo many people wish they had your life style so you have ALOT of NZers living vicariously through you. Anyway I was just wondering if you could do a post about how you got to where you are now. Im so amazed to see you at paris and ny fashion week..its like how does a guy from lil old NZ get there? anyway just a thought:)

  3. Nicole P says

    oh my gosh! i think this is the really nice girl i hung with at fashion week!! shes so cool ha didnt know she had a blog!! “AWSOME” 😛

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