#903 Rene Vaile exhibition opening tonight

All Images /Rene Vaile

Expat Kiwi photographer Rene Vaile is opening his first ever New Zealand exhibition tonight at Plaything Gallery on France Street. I ran into the man himself yesterday at Wunderkammer on Ponsonby Road (where he used to work – though he said it was more for the clothes than the money), wearing a bright orange puffer jacket, pink patterned Comme shirt, olive corduroy pants and tan desert boots. Amazing. Rene never ages. He swears he’s somewhere around the 30 mark, but doesn’t look a day over 25. He’s like one of those annoying movie star looking guys who’s forever suspended in time. He started out here in New Zealand as a skate photographer then transitioned to fashion, shooting for clients like Stephen Marr and Cybele, then moved to Sydney where he’s shot for everyone from Oyster to Vogue. This exhibition is a showcase of his portraits of friends (like Olivia O’Driscoll above) and travel snaps. It runs until Saturday 14 November. But make sure you come tonight. It’ll be a party.


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  1. Anonymous says

    granted i didn’t look very hard but i thought that first photo was of vlada roslyakova at first. W2G Dunedin?

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