#904 A thief in the night

All Images /James Lowe

So I pretty much have two new BFFs. Katherine Lowe of Katherine is Awesome fame, and her brother, the great white hope of Elam Fine Arts school, James Lowe. James is apparently quite famous – he won some big photography/art competition a while back and has been featured in all sorts of different publications. I heard about him for the first time two weeks ago. But I saw him before I heard about him. It was the day before the AUT Rookie show and I was eating Renkon with Dayne. I was standing outside on Pitt Street when a guy on a fixed gear bike (I know, ultimate hipster) came towards me. I had to shuffle a bit to get out of his way, and he gave me this really big smile like we knew each other.

The next day when I met Katherine for the first time in real life (sadly, up till that point our relationship had consisted of a few emails and that’s all), she told me that the guy on the bike was her brother James. The moral of the story is, I took part in this group photo shoot with James on Sunday. It was kind of culty, kind of angry mobbish, kind of weird and kind of dark. Think lots of hoods up and burning staffs. But the real moral of the story is that James has one of those really hardcore large format cameras. Two days ago his car was broken into and the thief stole a whole bunch of double darkslides. Read about it here (he shares his sister’s sense of humour). So, if you or anyone you know is offered some hardcore camera equipment to buy, please contact me or James. There’s a reward involved (he’ll shoot you nude – but very artistically).

On another note, I’m now Gluten Free so no more Renkon for me. Or bread or cake or anything fun.

See an outtake from Sunday’s shoot below. I’m the guy by the tree right above the flame.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Well done on being gluten free! You will never look back Ise! I know that you will be slightly unsure of what to eat so here is a list of “safe foods”:
    -bacon & eggs
    -ice cream
    -creamed corn
    Andrew HHM

    P.S I’m not sure about creamed corn or ice cream

  2. aww says

    Talking about stealing in general Isaac…

    You should talk about how NZFW founder Pieter and Myken stole the idea of March fashion event from small fashion organizers…
    Maybe this time, there should be few other small independent fashion shows to rival Pieter and Myken’s money craved approach to Fashion in NZ.

    from an upset assistant of organiser who spent so much time organising this event and some F dick told that to Myken and “oh” look at today’s NZ herald!? Myken announced it!

  3. The Verdict says

    You must be some kind of genius, coming up with the idea of doing a fashion event at the beginning of the year. There’s no way anyone else could have thought of that. I’m really impressed. Isaac – you have some smart cookies following your blog.

  4. Anonymous says

    hey bro, if you’re after some amazing gluten free bread, and can’t stand the cardboard crap that is usually available, look out for vogel’s rice and rye bread. The pieces are really thick in cut, and holy crap is it good. And re: renkon just switch to rice donburi instead of the udon noodle based options and you’re good to go son! No way can anyone be made to give up Renkon; that’d be a gross infringement of one’s liberty man!

  5. Anonymous says

    As the girlfriend of a photographer who has some incredibly valuable and INSURED photographic equipment, I cannot imagine any logic in the thought process that went into leaving his kit in the car….. are you kidding me!!!!

    Best of luck to him finding the missing intelligence along with his gear.

  6. Anonymous says

    maybe he had just been to labtec and didn’t have time to go home to put his darkslides away

    ..and it was only darkslides. at least it wasn’t the camera

  7. says


    i had some gluten free cookies the other day

    they were really good

    however, i also enjoy gluten, and thus will never quit.


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