#905 Mad Men (better late than never)

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I have recently become obsessed with Mad Men. OBSESSED. I started watching about two weeks ago and I’m now almost done with the second season. I know, I’m a little late, but I’m not much of a TV watcher besides Entourage, Californication, Gossip Girl and The City. Of those shows I think Entourage is the most captivating – it’s like Sex and the City for men – never have I felt such a strong connection to fictional characters in all my life; but Californication is definitely the best written. Hank Moody is my main man. When it comes to style though, Mad Men wins hands down.

After watching one episode I went out and bought a hair brush and started attempting to slick my hair back a la Don Draper. Not as easy as you’d think – especially with this Jew-fro. After two episodes I went looking for a tie bar (my flatmate had one lying around). After three episodes I started craving cigarettes like you would not believe. I hadn’t touched a cigarette in three years and after smoking one last week I remembered why. After four episodes I started getting ludicrously excited over this skinny red and gold maroon striped tie (also my flatmate’s) and felt like my life was complete when I acquired it.

So here’s my theory. Mad Men is about advertising execs. They’re always talking about the purpose of advertising being to make you need things you didn’t even know you wanted. So, the show itself is like a self-consciously self-fulfilling prophecy on the world it’s talking about. It’s powerful stuff. I’ve never brushed my hair in my life, I’ve never even thought about owning a tie bar and I hate smoking.

I don’t know if I’m supremely naive for getting so sucked in, or if they’re ridiculously clever.

I’d love to hear a female opinion on this. Mum?


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  1. k says

    The props and set in that show are a.ma.zing. The fridge, the furniture that camera he pulls out in that episode that I can’t remember. So much detail. Would be fricken incredible to be part of the Art Department on that show.

  2. says

    It does make me want to wear tight pencil skirts, wiggle when I walk and sit on my bosses knee. Dang!

    Oh, no wait – that’s actually what I do.

    PS I am my own boss. Yes I am that flexible 😉

    PPS have never smoked, but it makes me want to start! Naughty naughty show

  3. says

    Geeyah, you need glasses from that website I sent you… HBO takes the best cast photos, this reminds me of the Sopranos ones. You should check out “Bored to Death” with Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifiankis, just started, real quirky. You might like..

  4. Anonymous says

    me too! i always thought i’d like it but my indifference gets the better of me all the time. i love january jones, and her character betty. i love don, i love the smoke too. i’m currently watching season 3 online, and am about god-knows-what in line for season 1 at pons video ezy, i don’t care that i’m back to front!

  5. Anonymous says

    Speaking of men…. your mate Anna has posted this & I don’t think its legal…. Your thoughts on Mr Marr’s SEXIST requirements for staff?

    A Quick Note: Stephen Marr at Department Store Needs Men!
    I visited the nearly-complete Department Store site in Takapuna this morning and bumped into a cool and calm Stephen Marr as he surveyed his new domain.

    Turns out the new shore-side salon needs more male stylists and colourists, so if you are willing and able, or you know someone who is, e-mail Mobeen now with your details.

  6. Anonymous says

    omg good choice of tv issaac!i watch exactly the same shows as u,except for mad men,which i’ve been meaning to try! i’ve only recently started on californication (i especially loved the episodes with lou ashby)
    and gg,because they never aired at a convenient time on tv.i find all of them on surfthechannel.com

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