#907 What to wear for Summer

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Summer brings out my inner dichotomy. On the one hand, I love the heat. On the other, the hotter weather means that I can no longer run around in my sweaters. It’s quite the conundrum. When I was in Milan in June, it was hot. Really really hot. Especially coming from mid-winter New Zealand. I went from zero to 35 degrees in 24 hours. All I could wear was a white tee shirt and my beige pants. Everyday of the week. Around me were hundreds of Italian men dressed in beautiful two or three piece navy suits. I’d never felt so under-dressed in my life and I couldn’t figure out how they were managing it. Over there it seems style takes precedence over comfort. Here in New Zealand though, the onset of Summer brings with it one outfit of choice for men – singlet, board shorts, jandals. Horror.

I hate singlets, can’t stand board shorts (even on surfers) and think jandals should never leave the beach. Especially on girls. I think girls wearing jandals on the street is up there with tights-as-pants.

But there are still options.


Image /Stand By Me

Plain white tee shirts, cuffed blue jeans, Chucks. 1950s Americana at its best.

Mismatched suits with cotton pants/linen blazers, white shirts, clean white pocket squares, no socks.

Shorts and tee shirts – as long as the shorts finish above the knee.

Blue cotton blazers with beige pants. Anything with a hint of the nautical is always good, and you can dress it up with a tie or dress it down with an open collared shirt.

Shorts and blazers.

Denim or chambray shirts with rolled up khakis and sneakers.


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  1. Anonymous says

    There is nothing wrong with jandals Isaac! We don’t all want to look like you and be so uptight with what we wear. Keep it really

  2. Anonymous says

    The no socks thing is hideous! You have got to be kidding. Exzcept trainers of course. But NEVER ‘dress shoes’ EVER.

  3. Anonymous says

    urgh, agree about the board shorts/jandals combo – heeedious (said in pretentious french accent). good luck trying to woo the majority of kiwi males into this gear though! they might look… gay! p.s. – blazer + shorts, the best, and what i will be wearing this summer.

  4. Leonie says

    I’ve seen a lot of shows and editorials with guys wearing ALL kinds of shoes without socks. But here’s a thought. What about thongs (er, ‘scuse me) jandals, with socks? You know, go for that oriental flair!!!

  5. says

    @anon from last night who said…

    @anon 5.06 Or Maybe jandals and boardies is just cheaper…

    I’m no longer accepting comments with swear words so if you’d like to edit your comment and republish it please go for it.


  6. Anonymous says

    i’m with you on all of the above, don’t even start me on how disgusting boardies are, what a hygiene hazzard, beach- party-piss- pool-party- piss- pool etc etc and jandals should not leave the beach, theres no excuse for ugly hairy toes on display ever! not hot, i think guys should take note on the options above

  7. says

    Oh how I wish NZ men dressed like the ones in these images…

    Give me nautical anyday!

    My fave pick is the chambray shirt, unbuttoned a little (of course) and khakis. The only thing that is missing is the launch for travelling around the greek islands.

  8. Anonymous says

    The secret to their suits is in the cloth!

    They are made from incedibly light weight wool/silks and expertly tailored.

    Comfort, style and luxury.

    I think a beautiful cotton tee is lovely though, you looked great!

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