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Honourary Kiwi model Stella Maxwell has just shown up on models.com as their latest Model of the Week. That’s a pretty big deal. Basically every famous model that you can think of began their career with a Model of the Week nod from models.com. And as far as I’m aware, the only other New Zealander to ever make it on there was Nick Bryant back in 2003. But I’m still holding out hope for Michael Whittaker.

Check out her Model of the Week Q&A below (she gives shout outs to her mother agent Ali McD, Dunedin and her Wellington based designer friend Sophie Burrowes), and make sure you grab a copy of the new Pilot Magazine when it comes out to read the interview I did with her.

Stella Maxwell / Trump

Age: 19 Height: 5’9”

Place of Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ethnic Origin: British

Birthsign: Taurus

How discovered: My dad’s a diplomat, so I lived in New Zealand for a while and was scouted by my mother agent AliMcd while studying there.

Favorite things: Road trips with friends, walking around Paris, Starbuck’s lattes, headbands with red lips, skype…

Favorite music, band: Currently Blondie has taken over my play list…but I love a bit of everything.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, relaxing on the beach, playing scramble on my iPhone.

Favorite piece of clothing: American Apparel leggings

Favorite artist (any kind): My good friend Sophie Burrowes who is a designer, has just began her own collection.

Place you’d love to visit: Tokyo, Canada, and after seeing the movie The Proposal, Alaska!

Currently you’re obsessed about: Vintage shopping, playing with smalktalk (iPhone application), my roommate Elise Helene.


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  1. L says

    She’s wearing Dior Haute Couture in V magazine 60, fall preview. She looks so much better than the bland eastern euro girls next to her.

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