#920 Quote of the day – Colin McDowell

Colin McDowell with YSL’s Stefano Pilati /StyleCartel

“I’ve been banned from several shows in my time. Balenciaga banned me last season. I wrote about the pretentiousness of fashion houses and meant Balenciaga, of course. I’ve never met Nicolas, but I think he’s a fantastic designer. But banning journalists is, I think, a little unwise. When I’m banned, I’m always pleased because I know I’ve said something important and I think that’s my job. Armani was the first show I was banned from, many years ago, and I can’t see that changing-why would I want it to?! It’s not an easy job, sitting there for an hour waiting for a show to start on a tiny chair in cramped conditions. It’s abominable.”

I wonder if any New Zealand designer has ever banned a journalist from their shows?

[Fashion Week Daily]


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  1. Anonymous says

    I’d say WORLD and Stacy Gregg came close to a ban, and if Helen Talbot ever does another show it’s safe to say Stacy won’t be invited – the NZ version of the ban I think…

  2. Anonymous says

    I have a great Colin McDowell quote – actually a few more in the files, but how about this one:

    “Everyone thinks we’re stiff upper lip, but in fact we’re not – we’re probably the most hysterical nation in Europe” says McDowell.
    “We get terribly, terribly overexcited. And I’m afraid that that’s what’s happening now. There are some good designers who are being hailed as great and that’s very dangerous – and very unfair to them”.

    Colin McDowell quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh – forgot to name that last post about Colin MDowell (from Paul Blomfield) Also – I was once uninvited from a show. I went along anyway and was confronted at the door by the PR – so I left. It was a funny incident in hindsight. from Paul B

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