#923 Quote of the day – Miuccia Prada

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“It is unnatural for me to choose the girls and I don’t enjoy it. I hate the idea of judging a human being in that way, I find it very embarrassing. The moment they enter the room I decide whether they are right for the show because it is their personality that has to strike me first. I’m looking for the woman who can represent my idea better than any other.”

[Vogue UK]

Miuccia Prada on her resistance to casting models for her shows. Like I said in the skinny model debate, it’s insane how easy it becomes to reduce a person to a face, a pair of legs or a ribcage without taking into account anything that actually makes them who they are. I kind of like Ms Prada’s take on it, and it’s no doubt the reason behind her relationship with famed casting director Russell Marsh.


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  1. says

    I’d find it hard to do her job. Human nature causes us to judge in those first few seconds and it’s not like you look across a room and go “WOW! Great personality!” But at the same time, you have a product you have to sell….tough.

  2. Anonymous says

    she totally comes across as earnest as could be expected in her position of extreme power, seems like a nice lady, have never read a bad word about her and yes casting models is a sick business and so surreal to the real world and what really matters

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